Midterm Elections, Direct Democracy and Legitimacy by JP Miller

Originally  Published by Cyrano’s Journal and by permission from the author here:  http://www.cjournal.info/2014/11/15/midterm-elections-direct-democracy-and-legitimacy/

Direct democracy

If any group of United States (US) citizens can claim a mandate in the midterm elections then it must be the millions of eligible voters who abstained from voting. It is a common excuse among US midterm elections that voters do not participate in the numbers that accompany elections in a presidential election year. However, blaming the low 2014 election turn-out on a historical trend is incomplete and deceptive. There were new and identifiable voting trends in the 2014 midterm elections. According to The Center for American Progress, boycotting midterm elections is much more a function of disillusionment than the absence of a “wow” factor that the Presidential elections produce, “… because voting is an expression of hope, a belief that a citizen’s input into the system will yield social dividends. Or viewing it from another perspective, politicians rarely offer disillusioned citizens reasons for optimism. Lacking hope, those voters do not show up at the polls because they believe nothing politicians say or do makes life better for them.” The old and tired argument that ties the election directly to the President’s popularity polls or that of various candidates is simply not good political science.

In the last two presidential election cycles around 130 million citizens of voting age turned out. That was an electoral achievement as the poor, minorities, independents and the left-wing political base of the Democrats turned out in the confident hope that their vote was essential and worthy. In the last midterm elections four years ago 91 million voters cast ballots which was 42% of eligible voters—a historically high number. Yet, the 2014 midterms saw only 36% of eligible voters at the polls. This is a significant outlier considering the relative numbers of eligible voters who refused to participate and stay home. Only 83 million voters cast ballots. As a result, the Republicans won the senate and increased their advantage in the house in an election year that saw the lowest turn-out since 1942 when the US was in the middle of WWII. This is clearly not a mandate for the Republicans and hardly a significant rejection for the Democrats. It is merely a triumph for the two-party or duopoly system which managed another theft of the election while over 60% of eligible voters refrained from voting. Election boycotts and voter disillusionment was a palpable element to the elections. Sixty percent of eligible US citizens indirectly voted for “none of the above” or rather were inordinately disillusioned and voted for systemic change instead of rubber stamping the usual suspects. Hardly a triumph for US style democracy and never a vote of confidence for a government that cannot even now claim legitimacy. Election boycotts are a tradition in so-called third-world countries where frequently the results are pre-determined by fascist regimes and rigged elections of one candidate or one party preferred by the elite class often with the interference of the US. Does this sound familiar? This is exactly what the recent elections in the US mirror.

Also, we cannot forget the efforts of the neo-cons to prevent willing voters the chance to cast a ballot by creating impediments to voting by implementing barriers much like we saw in the 1960’s. According to Root and Danielle C. Belton, …the reason so many of the working poor don’t vote is that certain politicians have made sure it’s as inconvenient as possible for them.” Indeed, this election cycle saw several barriers to voting, including long waits, strict ID laws, and the potential for increased use of provisional ballots among minorities. Belton concludes that if voting were easier and more egalitarian, politicians would “suddenly have more citizens to answer to—citizens who want different things and can’t be ignored.”

Any way one looks at the 2014 midterm elections, the results are pathetic and a result of unprecedented spending of elitist Political corruption in the parties and moneymonetary support, corporate influence, and most likely a rejection of the system itself. Hence, the lowest turnout since 1942 hints at an illegitimate government. The legitimacy of any government comes from electoral participation in the form of individual engagement, significant majorities, the creation and maintenance of survival strategies, and a set of clear and acceptable ideas or a platform that the electorate can identify and approve. The candidate or party must set forth a strategy that can be approved or rejected. This is exactly what didn’t happen. The most significant question championed by the mass media for the mid-term elections was approval or disapproval of the Obama presidency. This is simply not true according to exit polls but a successful ploy by the Republicans and some Democrats. It was more an approval or disapproval of the whole governmental system and its ability to provide a strong state within a strong society (see Migdal 1988).

Leaving the debacle of the 2014 midterms aside, the most promising results of the elections was a trend towards a more direct democratic society. “This tired argument, that direct democracy is tantamount to “mob rule,” is nothing more than archaic bourgeois propaganda. The arguments which, after little support if any at all is provided, conclude that “those who own the country ought to govern it,” as John Jay opined, or that the system should “protect the minority of the opulent against the majority” rabble masses, to quote James Madison, the main framer of the United States constitution, are clearly exploitive, authoritarian and vulgar apologetics for elite, highly concentrated centers of power and wealth, whereby said centers of wealth and power are protected over and against the “rabble masses,” who are “too stupid to govern.” (Mob Rule)

Direct Democracy is gaining traction as referendums and initiatives are forming what Jefferson and the Greeks before him called “pure democracy”. This is a significant development across the US as communities; individual states and municipalities by pass the local legislatures and vote on such social questions as medicinal marijuana, Gay and Lesbian rights, minimum wages, and taxation levels. As Andrea Mérida argued: “One interesting twist we saw nationwide was the approval of progressive policy positions from ballot initiatives, including four blood-red states passing minimum-wage hikes at more than 50% approval at least (Alaska, Arkansas, South Dakota and Nebraska).  While Massachusetts voted in a Republican governor, they also approved mandatory paid sick leave.  Similarly, Amendment 67 (“personhood”) was soundly rejected by Colorado voters at 65% to 35%, which had to include Republican voters as well in order to reach that vote total.  It would appear that Republican voters are not quite the social conservative, anti-women people that the Udall campaign painted them to be.  This would also explain why Bob Beauprez was basically non-committal about any social issue, saying that his personal views went one way but that he would respect the law.” Although, it is discouraging that some legislatures, recognizing usurpation of their powers, quickly voted to require super-majorities to pass these referendums. Florida’s legislature is one example. The majority of voters approvedthe legalization of medicinal marijuana with a 58% approval vote but the initiative failed due to the required super-majority (60%) laid on it by the legislature. More of this legislative behavior can be expected as support for direct democracy grows across the nation.

As I mentioned above, the legitimacy of a political body whether it be the entirety of a national government, individual state or a local board of commissioners is dependent on various factors. The midterm elections certainly brought this discussion to the forefront. The historically low level of voter engagement whether it be registered voters or non-registered voters (both eligible voters) was a particularly grievous hit to the perceived legitimacy of the entire body politic. The end round use of direct democracy as a mechanism to establish political policy certainly hints at the dissatisfaction of voters and their inability to cause political change through representative government.

Duopoly--one party--ChomskyThe use of the Republican and Democratic parties of the popularity of the President as a rallying cry while never supplying a coherent platform for voters to approve or disapprove shows the disdain politicians have for voter intelligence. The voters were never given a chance to choose based on policy differences among the two parties. This is significant in that the two-party system has melded into a uniparty. Policy differences are slight and obfuscated for purposes of elections based on personality cults and attack advertisements. Corporate money and influence through lobbyists gives the elite class the ability to write their own policy which becomes law through the weak government.

This leads us to the ability of the government to address the needs of the governed through recognizable survival strategies. According to the weak state, strong society theory of Migdal, the US government is unable to perform its task under the constitution. Clearly, the midterm elections showed us that the various governmental bodies are unable to respond to the electorate and the country as a whole. The governed are beginning to use direct democracy to address policy themselves while the Congress and state legislatures are well behind the progressive choice of its constituency.

The time for a more direct, socialist democracy is here. It is clearly evident that representative democracy in a world of corporate bullying and unlimited moneyed interests is unable to provide for the welfare of its citizens and provide even a semblance of policy choice. As evident through the nation-wide use of initiatives and referendums, perhaps the political divisions in US society are not as strong as we are lead to believe. Many suggest that voting on policy through the internet, where many more voters can express their choice, is the future of democracy.

The US government has lost its legitimacy and hence its ability to govern at all. In the face of weak and corrupt political representation we must revolt by working to set aside ineffectual representative democracy. Continuing the trend towards community initiatives and referendums is a strategy that can remedy a weak government. These initiatives are a hint of a more socialist, inclusive governmental system that can provide systemic change. Wherever direct democracy takes root in the US, perhaps we have a chance of taking back what representative democracy has stolen—that most cherished right of political speech.

JP Miller is a disabled veteran, journalist, and writer who lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina beside the Atlantic Ocean. He has published short stories and political essays in The Literary Yard, The Southern Cross Review, The Greanville Post, Pravda, Countercurrents, andCyrano’s Journal.

Chris Hedges Interviews Sheldon Wolin on Capitalism and If Democracy Can Co-Exist?

Democracy Inc. by Sheldon Wolin

Compiled by Thomas Baldwin

November 10, 2012



 Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-exist?  Original sements on TheRealNews.com  in November 2014. Wolin’s book         “Democracy Inc.,  Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism.”

The series of videos on The Real News: 

“Imagine Living in a Socialist USA“: New Book Envisions Greater

Democracy, World Without Capitalism


We end today’s show looking at a new book titled “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.” The book features essays by many prominent people, including Michael Moore, Angela Davis, Frances Fox Piven, Martín Espada, Rick Wolff and Democracy Now! co-host Juan González.

The book comes out at a time when polls show Americans aged 18 to 29 have a more favorable reaction to the word “socialism” than “capitalism.” The book is co-edited by the legendary book agent Frances Goldin, who has worked in the publishing world for more than six decades and will turn 90 years old in June. In 1951, at age 27, Goldin ran for New York State Senate on an American Labor Party slate headed by W.E.B. Du Bois. Goldin joins us now along with one of her co-editors, Michael Smith. He is a New York City attorney and a board member of the Center for Constitutional Rights.



  • Thomas Baldwin These are two brilliant, articulate economic history lessons by Richard Wolff. I had forgotten for a few months how great he is!!  Anyone who listens to these films and isn’t Mad as Hell at our corrupt capitalistic system and anyone continuing to defend what Hedges call “unfettered capitalism” needs to consult a shrink immediately!!
Economics Professor Richard Wolff details the problems of capitalism and urges our recognizing its obsolescence and replacing it with institutions that truly…

Why I and My Colleagues Have Become Election Boycott Advocates by Thomas Baldwin



Nearly two months ago a group of us began to put together an organization for the purpose of urging voters to boycott the upcoming elections. This was based upon several reasons but the primary one was that the influence of money in elections had become hideously corrupting to our government run by the two party duopoly, both Democratic and Republican Parties. And all but one member of the 535 members of Congress belong to one of these two parties. The primary source of all funding for elections has become the large corporations and the wealthy elite. This was made significantly worse by the Supreme Court’s Citizens’ United decision in 2010 and again by its McCutcheon’s decision in 2014 giving corporations and wealthy elite (e.g. billionaires) unlimited power to donate to campaigns. Thus, this group “owns” our entire system of government in Washington and they are the bodies that make our laws and enforce the laws. And our entire system of justice has become one of “injustice”.

These beginning statements will not be a surprise to many people who may have thought this for years. But the data which have been accumulated and distributed in recent years show vividly how bad the situation has become. For example, a good measure of “economic justice” is obtained by looking at income/wealth inequities and the data show that these now compare to those achieved in 1928 just before the Great Depression. With the Great “Recession” of 2007 these inequities were even worsened and yet, the wealthy elite and the Big Banks became even larger and more powerful. Congress repeatedly tells us they don’t have enough money to improve the situation and provide for jobs programs and the reason is they need money for National Defense and foreign wars to protect us from the growing threat of “terrorism.” Fear has replaced hope and promise as a primary means of “motivating” people to go along with their evil, corrupt practices.

This has been going on for many years, but it has become critical. Joel Hirshhorn in Dandelion Salad has recently written an excellent article describing this reality.  And two professors, Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page at Northwestern Univ. , have recently shown conclusively with an exhaustive study that the average person in the U.S. has NO influence on public policy. It is a total myth (or lie) that we live in a democracy. The people are totally brainwashed by a corrupt corporate media that spends billions propagating that lie on        behalf of their political cronies. Corporate “news” is nothing but corporate propaganda and that includes much of what passes for news about our foreign interventions. We seldom get the truth that our invasions are all about acquiring resources (particularly oil). In this excellent short review of the detailed paper by Gilens and Page, Eric Zuesse describes how “The U.S. is an Oligarchy and Not a Democracy.”

In an outstanding series of inteviews on Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-Exist  ? (presented on Dandelion Salad), Chris Hedges interviews Sheldon Wolin who coined the phrase “Inverted Totalitarianism” which is analogous to corporate fascism. These are highly recommended to everyone as it addresses a critical subject for the U.S. today.

Congressional approval ratings have recently been 15% and even as low as 9% at times over the last year or so. And the President’s approval rating is dropping like a lead balloon and is now under 40%, just like happened in the Bush years. Fewer than 35% approve of Obama’s foreign policy today and it sinks lower with each new foreign invasion and bombing campaign. Meanwhile we keep creating more terrorists than we are killing. It’s a vicious cycle of madness that we experience coming out of Washington every week. And the people are getting angrier and more frustrated every day with the miserable quality of leadership this country has witnessed.

Political corruption in the parties and moneyEvery Congressional election nearly 90% of incumbents are reelected to office and over 90% of those are the ones who spent the most money. Efforts have been made to create and support “third” political parties over the last 35 years or so but the results/records have been pitiful as the data in this report shows. With presidential campaigns, third parties have recently gathered about 2% of the vote or less in totality and they have not earned a single electoral vote! Why? Because the two party duopoly crushes any third party effort with money and mass media to discount it. It seems clear that change cannot be made in the electoral system unless a massive movement is backing a third party effort. There is no sign of that today even though there may be small successes at a local or maybe even a state level in special circumstances.


You can visit with us at the EBA, participate and stay informed by visiting these two primary websites:



Election Boycott purpose imageThis is the backdrop for the creation of a new organization, the Election Boycott Advocates (EBA), which is currently focusing on federal elections, those for Congress and for 2016 the presidency. Certain states may also be added later. But the two party duopoly has to be destroyed as I described in several previous blogs. We must stop endorsing this corrupt system by participating in their illegitimate elections!! Don’t give it your time and certainly don’t give it your money!! You have no chance to compete with the corporations and the wealthy elite! Spend it with your family instead! And consider joining us at the Election Boycott Advocates (EBA)! First, here is the Manifesto we created :



“The entire notion of putting massive resources and effort into building electoral parties to compete in the elite-managed horse-race charades is fatally flawed.  In the final analysis it does not work. We have to do something radically different, and the election boycott is the start of this new, genuinely revolutionary—not reformist—movement.”
—Ted Aranda, Election Boycott advocate and lifelong activist

TEXT: The Election Boycott is the first step in a struggle for democracy, for alternative democratic government to replace the plutocratic imperialist police state, and for the liberation of working people so that ordinary Americans can manage their society and economy themselves and in their own interests.  It has famously been said that the people have the right to replace their government when it no longer serves them.  This, without question, is the situation in the U.S.A. today–and we are now claiming that right!

A plurality of Americans have been boycotting federal elections for more than half a century, but only as individuals, silently–letting their rulers know that they did not support them, but in a passive protest. Now, with the advent of the Election Boycott Advocates, the silent majority of nonvoters has found a voice that will make what was implicit, explicit, what was silent, loud, what was unconscious, thoughtful and public… Continued at link.


Next I present a comprehensive piece published by the GREANVILLE POST which includes a composite of a blog I wrote at Progressive Activist Voice, along with several blog talk radio shows on CARSON’S CORNER with Bob Carson and one from the PINKY THE BEAR Show with Brad Holhut.

Greanville Post image on Election BoycottWHAT IS THE ELECTION BOYCOTT ADVOCATES (CONT.)

“The popular distrust in capitalist democracy and authoritarian elections if now so widespread the movement to boycott them is becoming nearly universal.” (See links below for completeness.)


ALERT: The Progressive Activists Voice


“The popular distrust in capitalist democracy and authoritarian elections if now so widespread the movement to boycott them is becoming nearly universal.”


Einstein on Voting---insanityTwo of our members have each written extensive comments on two blogs I just published. Those are referenced here: “Why I Boycott Elections by DeNeice Kenehan, and “Why I Became an Election Boycott Advocate” by Terri Lee.

Other brief comments are here:
“I boycott all phony elections because to participate in the farce is to endorse the farce. The billionaire class controls all governments in the United States of America and in many of its imperialist allies, clients and neo-colonies as well. In fact, in the 130 or so countries within the U.S. imperial-global hegemony, there are no democracies, and to pretend that such plutocracies are democratic, and even to vote in or run in these charades, is to endorse them and to give your consent to the billionaires to govern.

Turning the silent boycott into a loud and militant boycott makes the implicit explicit:
1) We do not agree to comply with your rule, billionaires! 2) We do not agree with your totalitarian dictatorship over most of the world. 3) We do not agree with your murderous wars of plunder. 4) We do not agree with your occupations and repressions of nations all over the world, nor do we agree with your worldwide repression of the working class and poor. 5) Our campaign of noncompliance with your rule starts with this boycott, but it does not end here. We will continue to whittle away at your illegitimate power until you have none at all.”—Christopher Driscoll

“I am a member and support the Election Boycott Advocates because it is the only rational alternative to our corrupt political two party system which we have today. If we continue on this path we either must destroy it or it will destroy us. It is controlled by corporations and the wealthy elite and the facts and experience of many years conclusively show that.”–Thomas Baldwin

“I am an Election Boycott Advocate because elections truly do not matter. The political and economic system is arranged for and by the ruling class. In order for the working class to have any sort of decent life, we must control the means of production.”—Bob Carson

“ I boycott voting for representatives because those we elect are NOT held accountable for their actions! When you vote YOU give your consent for them to do whatever the hell they want. I refuse to give them that POWER.”—Emmagee Mindy Oaktown

“It has finally become clear to me that even if the “perfect” candidate became available (and Empire would never allow that; as all candidates are hand-picked puppets), their presence would be irrelevant because it is the SYSTEM that is broken. I have stopped looking for heroes and have put my energy into a powerful movement that makes a statement. I don’t support the agenda of the oligarchy running the USA.”—Linda Calder

“Capitalism in any form and democracy are mutually exclusive. There is no democracy in America. Elections in America operate within the confines of the bourgeois narrative and not beyond. Elections merely provide the ruling classes with a cloak of legitimacy. Don’t give it to them. Boycott.

Sure, the ruling classes will still rule, but they will not be able to claim legitimacy. Voting is a coward’s way out. The voter pretends he has a voice. This pretense spares the voter humiliation which would otherwise force him to stand up for himself and fight the ruling class head on.”—John Mcgarry

“The working people are barred from participation in bourgeois parliaments (they never decide important questions under bourgeois democracy, which are decided by the stock exchange and the banks) by thousands of obstacles, and the workers know and feel, see and realize perfectly well that the bourgeois parliaments are institutions alien to them, instruments for the oppression of workers by the bourgeoisie, institutions of a hostile class, of the exploiting minority.” -V.I Lenin, 1918, “The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky”—Brad Holhut

“Three reasons I boycott elections
1. Republicans
2. Democrats
3. I forgot the third,”—DeNeice Kenehan

“Our federal elections are a farcical charade that no longer
matter. They’re held to give us the semblance of choice where there is none. Our elected officials are selected and installed by global corporate elites who have no loyalty to anyone or anything but profit. Pretend, if you must, but at your own peril.”— Jill Dalton (See Jill’s blog on this entitled:  “Does Voting Matter?”)

“I was a sucker for the old freedom and democracy spiel. After Obama reneged on his political promises of hope and change, I could no longer deny those we elected and who swore an oath to represent we the people were no longer doing it. I started to say out loud and to the consternation of many that our democracy is a lie. Freedom is a joke. We are all being played for the suckers we seemed so willing to be. So just like that I decided to stop voting. If and until I feel my vote counts, that those I vote for are interested in representing what is best for the common good instead of a wealthy elite, then I have no one to vote for. Very simple and practical, really.”—Willa Bea

If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal

Why I Boycott Elections by DeNeice Kenehan

Election Boycott purpose imageMaybe We Need a 12 Step Recovery Process?

I am a Duopolist in recovery. I have not kept track of the months since I last voted, but it was not long ago enough. I am still tempted to look for reasons I should vote. My friends who vote mock and deride me when I tell them I am a recovering voter. But I know I do not support that which voters support.
Still, I struggle. Some impulse drives me to vote for or against things, things and persons which I know nothing about, which I neither support nor oppose. I can’t help it. I am still wanting to vote for something. But I can no longer support that which voters support.

I used to vote. I voted for a color. I am recovered from addictive color voting. But I now find myself wanting to vote against people. Against incumbents. Perhaps because they’ve been screwing us over so recently– the non-stop wars, fracking, too-big-for-trial, cable company buddies, media megamergers, surveillance, prosecuting whistlesblowing and press, inside-dealing, the usual.

I’m thinking that if I cannot resist voting, that maybe I should just pick the guy I want to get the the bags of money from the donors, lobbyists, taxpayers, and not think about the perks and pension. I can’t think too much.

I’m in an early, highly emotional withdrawal phase. I’m feeling some guilt. And some hate. I want to watch my incumbent lose. But imagining his suffering– his feigned classy concession, his beautiful family and fake smiles, all the miserable campaign volunteers, the inappropriate balloons– wanting to witness his karmic justice makes me feel like an animal torturer, like some psychopath who pulls wings off birds. Just because.

I need help. I don’t want to come home with the “I Voted” sticker on my lapel. I need to move to the next step. I must turn to my Higher Power so I can rise above this impulse to vote for the “replacement evilist.”

Please help me. I want to just say no. To stay home.

But, lord help me, I hate this son of a bitch.

Maybe enough to replace him with the next son of a bitch.

Why I became an Election Boycott Advocate by Terri Lee

If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal Posted by Thomas Baldwin on October 21, 2014 with permission of Terri Lee.


When I first became an Election Boycott Advocate (EBA) I thought about elections from the point-of-view of the voter. How can the voter achieve what he or she really and truly wants from within the ballot box?

It quickly became clear to me that “our dreams are too big for their ballot box” and that the voting booth offers us nothing as is evidenced by the wide chasm between our collective political desires and the laws and policies that are enacted to harm us here at home and millions more, worldwide. We citizens don’t authorize that, but that’s what we get.

But then, I turned my thinking around and I started to examine the Election Charade from the point-of-view of the Political Class. Then it became crystal clear just how much they need us to participate in the Charade they created that only serves them.

All they need us for on every Election Day is to simply show up and participate. What anyone actually does from inside the electoral contraption makes no difference whatsoever. They have assured this. A servant of the Ruling Elite will come into power. This is guaranteed.

Our participation suggests we support them, agree with them, like them and are in agreement with what they do — but, we don’t agree with them, like them or support what they do. There is no reason why we should aid them in making them appear legitimate.

They are de-legitimized without our participation.

Once I discovered how deeply dependent they are on us — Election Boycotting became a lot more purposeful.

I knew that this is the one area that those in power are utterly dependent upon us to show up for them to help uphold the illusion that they are legitimate in their rule over us.

They are crippled in their dependence on us, for our vote. 

It is with great certainty that I know I must withhold my consent and encourage others to do likewise.


What is the Election Boycott Advocates Group?

Election Boycott purpose image


To best answer this question, I will present our latest statement of purpose and intent in the Manifesto just finally completed.  Here it is and read the Manifesto carefully to gain a quick perspective:





From the Manifesto:

“The Election Boycott is the first step in a struggle for democracy, for alternative democratic government to replace the plutocratic imperialist police state, for Working Class liberation and for democratic-cooperative ownership and management of all commercial enterprises and public democratic ownership and management of all utilities and banks. ” continued at this link:  http://electionboycott.weebly.com/manifesto.html

If anyone would like to join with us please consult these websites and Facebook pages:

Election Boycott Advocates Facebook page:


Election Boycott Advocates webpage:


Also consult this blog site for periodic updates on the Election Boycott Updates on Carson’s corner blog talk radio:


An excellent site to refer to blog talk radio specifically by Bob Carson and Brad Holhut including shows on the Election Boycott Advocates is here:


You will be learning much more about us in the days ahead.  Join the Election Boycott Advocates to receive updates and stay informed.

Thomas Baldwin, Election Boycott Advocates member.




Is Our Society Becoming Addicted to Technocratic Insanity?

Technocrats in 1933I just saw an advertisement for an i-Phone with 30 GB of data per month for only $160 per month after you own the i-Phone, of course.  Aren’t you impressed?  Considering we used to have a phone for a few dollars a month you definitely should be!!

The marketing dollars for competition in today’s communication market is unbelievable.  Why?  Because billions of dollars are at stake.  It’s called the extreme capitalistic society that has been created in America.  We’re being reduced to robots to respond and sure enough, the robots are being prepared to take over from us humans.

Last night a group of us political activists earnestly tried to produce an internet blog talk radio show to debate some important political issues.  About half way through we were cut off from an internet failure from the host who had cautioned us that might occur.  But we continued to have a conversation over the telephones!  My colleague remarked, maybe we’re not ready for “prime time” yet.  Since another colleague and I have been considering another blog talk radio show, it definitely gave me pause for thought!

Though there has often been frequent criticism of the internet social media,  including Facebook as the prime example, still seems to work and the founder has become incredibly wealthy.  The point that we might want to consider is that communications between humans are extremely important and those are usually personal, telephonic and pictorial or video.  In other words, we have to communicate with one other with sight, sound and face to face and perhaps touch.  Making use of all of the methods humans have to relate to one another seems radical, doesn’t it?

Is that a difficult lesson for us humans to learn?  That should be our priority and not buying the latest “technological device” to make that happen!!  I suggest one not become a slave to technocratic  addiction but use the communication method that is best for you!


Note added in post publication:  Rocket Kirchner posted an interesting article on this subject in 2009 in Dandelion Salad regarding human communications in a “Technoautism” environment.