Inviting Fascism by Matt Reedy


Is It Facism Yet coverInviting Fascism

Guest Opinion by Matt Reedy*

August 10, 2014        


It is not a law of nature that fascism must emerge from government. It can come in many forms. Sheldon S. Wolin warns that it will hide in the anonymity of the corporate state, something he calls Inverted Totalitarianism. George Carlin thought that when fascism came to America it would be wearing Nike shoes and smiley-shirts. Chris Hedges (whose book, Death of the Liberal Class inspired most of the ideas in this article) believes it will come to America clutching the Christian Cross and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I believe they’re all correct and I believe everything they predicted is happening now and it terrifies me.

In Czarist Russia, before Lenin; in the former Yugoslavia, before Karadzic, Milosevic or Tudman; and in Weimar Germany, before Hitler, there was a systemic breakdown that resulted in the majority of citizens being pushed to the fringes of society. They were forsaken by the powerful who were in a mad scramble to secure their own self-interests. In all three countries, the liberal class had abandoned its values and as a result, people turned to right-wing, charismatic demagogues who, instead of confronting reality and addressing the cause of collapse, scapegoated the weak and disenfranchised while promising moral renewal. These figures, who were initially dismissed as fools, found an audience as they articulated a popular rage. The liberal class, no longer able to function as a safety valve for popular dissent, forced a betrayed citizenry to find another outlet in right-wing populism. And in case you couldn’t tell, the same thing is happening here and now in America. But why?

Fast oneFirst it’s important to recognize Obama is not a liberal. He, like Bush, is a corporate brand sold to the public. But unlike his predecessor, Obama was marketed to be loved by progressives and despised by conservatives. His dark skin, urban upbringing and Ivy League education might have replaced Bush’s folksy twang, country bumpkin, gut-instinct approach, but Obama carries out corporate bidding all the same. If you forgo the rhetoric and actually look at his policies you’ll find that, on paper, Obama is about as liberal as Ronald Reagan. Such a thought may cause the heads of fervent Obama supporters and denouncers to explode, but to those who can see through the false left-right paradigm, it is all too clear.

So with no liberal outlet working within the system, discontent has taken two forms: Occupy Wall St. and The Tea Party. Both popular movements address the fact that the majority of Americans have no voice within the current power structure. But while both have correctly identified the problem, their selected methods for treatment couldn’t be any different. Occupy correctly identifies the source of America’s downfall as corporate greed that values profit above all other costs while The Tea Party, like other movements that have invited fascist regimes, incorrectly holds accountable the weak and venerable.

But in today’s America we blame the victims, not the perpetrators. When corporations move the factories overseas to increase their already “dazzling” profits, those who join the unemployment line are seen as the problem. When unions trade high wages for better benefits, they are pejoratively referred to as Cadillac health and retirement plans and then dismantled. When an employee is injured on the job and denied workman’s comp, in embracing his only other option, to collect disability from the government, he is seen as a burden on society. Anyone who attempts to portray these unfortunate citizens in a positive light is instantly branded as anti-American, unpatriotic, a taker, a Communist or any other meaningless label that happens to be lying around.

Most fascist regimes gain a following by blaming weak scapegoats. In late WeimarChris Hedges book cover on American Fascism Germany, the most famous case, it was the Jews, the Bolsheviks, the gypsies, the homosexuals and the disabled that were blamed for the woes the homeland. Here it is the unions, minorities, public servants, illegal aliens, the working poor, the unemployed and refugee children that we hold responsible for our current, dismal state while we are told the rich and powerful, who orchestrated the crisis, have noble qualities we should emulate. Wealth is to America what the Aryan race was to late Weimar Germany. Those who have more of it are seen as “purer” Americans while those who have less are seen as parasites feeding off a once great nation and who must be purged in order restore said nation to its former glory. Sound familiar?

Ironically, those who embrace the idea of greed as a virtue and blame the less fortunate have somehow tied the ideology to the Christian faith. Jesus, from what I can remember, preached the welcoming of strangers, helping the poor, service to others, the forsaking of riches, the decrying of possessions and warned that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Instead of abiding by the teachings of Christ, these heretics use his name to subjugate those with whom they disagree or simply do not like. It may seem odd at first, but to those who lost everything, reconciling contradictory beliefs is not difficult. Fritz Stern, a scholar on fascism, tells us those who have been betrayed “find deliverance in the ecstatic escape of unreason”.

In the midst of the economic meltdown, the poor, who are by now used to paying for crimes of the rich, could not foot the bill on their own this time. As a result, the rich were forced to call upon white-working class Americans to pick up the rest of the check. The financial crisis’ effect on middle-America, coupled with the two-terms of a half-black president that followed, has caused white Americans to now see themselves as a persecuted race. But they don’t blame the rich who abused them, stole from them, promised them fortune and fame if they worked hard and then discarded them. Instead they blame the weak and powerless who the system had abandoned years ago. According to the 2012 government tax receipt, an American worker making $50,000 a year pays $6.96 to the entire welfare system but over $4,000 in corporate subsidies. Yet, white, working-class Americans are convinced the poor are the parasites who abuse the system, not the super-rich. Why?           

Because the liberal class has failed. Since Bill Clinton convinced his party to take corporate money and do corporate bidding the democrats, like the republicans before them, have forsaken the working class. And the liberals in the media are too beholden to their corporate overlords to address the real problems. Instead, they speak in half-measures and devote days of coverage to trivial, partisan abuses like bridge scandals while true power remains unchecked. Institutional liberals have offered no answers and when there are no answers, but something is obviously wrong, people like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman start to make sense no matter who or they blame or why. White middle-class Americans have been betrayed. They want and deserve answers. According to Fritz Stern, “In Germany, before fascism was invented, there was a yearning for fascism.” This is the yearning.

That is the irony of a fascist America. The very people who are fighting the hardest to prevent it are ensuring its arrival. Thanks to Mussolini and Hitler, fascism is associated with the overthrow of a decaying structure and replacement by a new tyrannical authority. Because of this precedent, the right-wing has focused on government and specifically Obama as the main threats to democracy. However, the real threat to democracy is not the government or its current figurehead, but rather their mutual master: the corporation. Corporations are massive systems of private power that have corrupted our government. They are unelected, undemocratic and unaccountable to the public. They are totalitarian institutions whose legal obligation is to maximize profit at all costs.

And this is where the danger lies. The Tea Party and the republicans want to dismantle government, the only buffer (and I agree it’s a terrible buffer) between the U.S. citizenry and corporations, thus allowing these undemocratic, tyrannical authorities to rule us directly. They don’t realize the reason the government no longer functions in the first place is because corporations have bought off politicians to shape public policy in their interest. Now The Tea Party and right-wing republicans want to eliminate restrictions on corporations; lift regulations and relax laws in order to grant more rights and power to these totalitarian structures.

The failure of the left to address these very real grievances has white, middle-class Americans so baffled and angry that they are calling for their own enslavement. If fascism does take hold in America it will be in the name of Jesus Christ and the free market. With the poor already squeezed dry, the assault on the middle-class will continue until it too is destroyed. Corporations and the people who occupy high positions in them will be showered with riches while the rest of us will see our wages plummet, our collective bargaining nullified, our safety net torn, our retirement stolen and our benefits vanquished. Small businesses will be crushed, competition will be wiped out and the monopoly on goods and services will cause prices to skyrocket. Starting from the bottom up, this new, unregulated capitalism will exploit each subsequent income level and then discard them all until only richest of rich are left standing. America will then be reconfigured into a state of corporate neo-feudalism where the richest 1% will be the lords and the other 99% the serfs. We attempted this once before; to live in a society that was ruled by a rich and religious minority. We refer to those years as the Dark Ages for a reason.


*Matt Reedy grew up in central Pennsylvania where he attended college at Penn State University. In 2005 he moved to New York City and began working in the film & television industry where he joined the D.G.A. (Directors Guild of America). Matt is a member of the Unitarian Church whose community and congregation are actively dedicated to matters of social justice. He currently lives in North Jersey with his wife, their daughter and their two dogs.


Declare Your Independence From The Fascist Political Duopoly NOW!

 Einstein image on insanityCorporate Fascism Dominates Our Political System

by Thomas Baldwin

Biloxi, MS  July 4, 2014

Whether one uses the term Corporatocracy, Corporatism= Corporate Fascism or the Corporate State, these terms all mean a complete merger of the corporations with the state. One can also argue that a Plutocracy or Oligarchy in a capitalistic system also strongly signify a strong relationship between corporations and the wealthiest elite. Sheldon Wolin introduced a term “Inverted Totalitarianism“.  What all of these suggest is that the wealthiest elite have gained complete control of our government (the state) and rule; it is antithetical to a democracy where the people rule. These systems are completely incompatible and cannot coexist. Continue reading

“GET UP, STAND UP”, A Very Good Handbook For Activists

Get Up Stand Up image

“Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite”

Miniblog by Thomas Baldwin

Biloxi, MS, June 29, 2014

In this brief blog, I want to call everyone’s attention to a book I recently discovered which can serve as a very good guide to activism. Although the subtitle mentions most prominently “Populists” it can serve equally well for those who advocate for “Progressives.” And goodness knows, we need some more effective activism in this totally corrupt and dysfunctional political environment. The time for Americans to revolt is becoming very late as Corporate Fascism with the wealthiest elite have gained total control of our political duopoly. Continue reading

Appeal to the Nobel Committee to Revoke Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Peace image 2

by Thomas Baldwin, Biloxi, MS

May 3, 2014

I have submitted this petition to the Causes site and and requested a petition to be issued.  Stay tuned and be ready to sign it and share broadly.  I would like to see thousands of signatures! 



Since the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama in the Fall of 2009, he has committed several acts which document he never deserved this award in the first place.  Here is a list which is a minimum of our grievances:

  1.  Expansion of the war in Afghanistan with over 30,000 additional troops.
  2. Expansion of the use of Drones for killing “designated enemy combatants.”
  3. Development of “kill lists” with his personal approval of killing civilians including Americans overseas and leaving open the possibility of doing it within the U.S.
  4. Signing of NDAA into law with its provisions of indefinitely detaining persons including Americans.
  5. Failure to disclose numbers of those killed in foreign countries by Drone attacks, including women and children.
  6. Blatant violations of the sovereignty of other nations including Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and others.
  7. Bombing of Libya without Congressional approval.
  8. Proposal to bomb Syria.
  9. Supporting the  NSA spying on citizenry throughout the world including American citizens and lying about it to Congress in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.
  10. Intervention in the internal affairs of the Ukraine creating a direct confrontation with Russia.
  11. Intervention in Venezuela creating mass instabilities in that country.
  12. Continuation of imprisonment in Guantanamo after promising to close it and evidence of more torture even in foreign countries.

We  implore that the Nobel Committee  revoke Mr. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and demand that he be required to return the entirety of the ample sum of money rewarded.  He has clearly demonstrated  he is not a man of Peace.  We maintain that if the Nobel Committee does not do so it’s reputation and credibility will be permanently damaged.  Millions of people within the U.S. and throughout the world will take notice.



Update: Why Americans Must Demolish the Political Duopoly and Create a New Progressive Alliance

Einstein image on insanity

A Call to Action Now!

By Thomas Baldwin, Biloxi, MS

March 23, 2014 (Updated from December 15, 2013)

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”– Albert  Einstein 

Duopoly:  “preponderant influence or control by two political powers.”

Demolish:  “to destroy by breaking apart; to put an end to.”

Corporate fascism (or Corporatism):  “the complete merger of  corporate and state entities to create a political entity.”


Continue reading

Why Americans Must Demolish the Political Two Party Duopoly!

My work here is done--Obama--newA Call to Action!

By Thomas Baldwin, Biloxi, MS

December 15, 2013

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”– Albert  Einstein 

Duopoly:  “preponderant influence or control by two political powers.”

Demolish:  “to destroy by breaking apart; to put an end to.”

Corporate fascism (or Corporatism):  “the complete merger of  corporate and state entities to create a political entity.”


Continue reading

Price per kilowatt of Kemper plant stretches credulity by Wyatt Emmerich

Wyatt nemmerich--photo 2Republished here by permission of Wyatt Emmerich.

By  Wyatt Emmerich (Published about October 3, 2013

The Kemper power plant is 20 times more expensive per kilowatt than five natural gas plants recently acquired by Entergy and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

Imagine being forced to pay $70 for a gallon of gas from a government-sanctioned monopoly. That’s Kemper, the most expensive construction project in the history of Mississippi.

Last month, TVA spent $400 million to purchase a 774-megawatt natural gas plant in Southhaven.

Compare this to Kemper, which has cost $5 billion for a 500-megawatt lignite plant.

Kemper is 50 percent less power for 10 times the money. No amount of spin can hide that.

TVA’s price per kilowatt was similar to Entergy’s 2012 purchase of two natural gas plants: a 450-megawatt plant here in Jackson for $246 million and a 620-megawatt plant in Hot Springs for $277 million.

In 2010, Entergy paid $300 million for a 580-megawatt natural gas power plant in Eunice, La. Last year, TVA paid $436 million for the 968-megawatt Magnolia gas plant in Benton County, Mississippi.

Kilowatts per dollar, the Kemper power plant is about 20 times more expensive than the five natural gas plants recently purchased by Entergy and TVA.

Paying 20 times more per kilowatt is bound to raise rates for the one-third of Mississippians who must buy electricity from Mississippi Power Company (MPC).

Already a 22-percent rate increase is being implemented. Many Kemper critics believe rates will eventually go up 60 percent.

Even before Kemper rate hikes are implemented, MPC rates are 40 percent higher than either TVA or Entergy. According to the federal government’s Energy Information Agency, Entergy charges $8.38 per kilowatt hour. TVA charges $7.90 and  Mississippi Power charges $11.40.

If Southern Company succeeds in getting Mississippi ratepayers to pay for Kemper, MPC rates could end up twice as high as Entergy or TVA rates. That’s an extra $500 million annual electricity tax on the residents of southeast Mississippi.

Kemper is being built by MPC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company. Southern does $17 billion a year in sales, which makes it one of the biggest utility companies in the world.

MPC, Entergy and TVA all sell about a billion dollars a year of electricity in Mississippi. They do not compete against each other. Each has a monopoly on electricity in their section of the state.

The Republicans who have supported Kemper lockstep wouldn’t be caught dead raising taxes that much.  Yet a mandatory rate increase imposed by a monopoly works just like a tax. Kemper is basically a huge tax increase imposed by the Republican Party on one-third of the households of Mississippi.

State law 77-3-33 states: “No rate made, deposit or service charge demanded or received by any public utility shall exceed that which is just and reasonable.”

Unless MPC’s electricity has some special quality that makes it superior to TVA’s or Entergy’s electricity, then the numbers speak for themselves. MPC’s rates are not “just and reasonable” and should not be allowed.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is supposed to be a watchdog agency to protect consumers and keep rates low. Instead, the PSC has become a governmental central planning commission and it’s doing about as well as all central planning commissions do.

Clarke Reed, one of the deans of the Mississippi Republican Party, is in a state of shock. He is working furiously to get the Republican leadership to stop this disaster. Reed worked for decades to bring Republicans to power in Mississippi. He sees Kemper wiping out his life’s work in one fell swoop.

It gets even worse: Natural gas is a proven technology. The Kemper plant is experimental. Lignite gasification has never been done in the history of the world. The Wall Street Journal recently did a feature story on the failure of gasification technology as an alternative energy.

Coal gasification has been around for decades. When Hitler ran out of gas at the end of World War II, he gasified coal.

Since then, coal gasification has never gotten off the runway. There are only two gasification plants in the world, both are much smaller than Kemper and use coal.

kemper plant--Sierra Club photo from webLignite has one-fifth the carbon content of coal, so gasifying lignite is even more of a challenge. It is, in essence, heavy wet dirt. Something in between coal and peat.

To gasify lignite, Southern has a new patented technology called TRIG, which has never been proven on an industrial scale. It has only worked in small-scale experiments, 100 times smaller than the Kemper plant. As an industrial rule of thumb, the maximum you can scale up experimental results to a manufacturing process is seven times. Past that, the unexpected results — like huge unanticipated cost overruns.

It gets even worse. Gasification is a chemical process. Southern has never built a chemical plant.

There’s an old saying: Pioneers get arrows in their backs. So far, that’s turning out to be true. The first cost estimate for Kemper was $1.2 billion. Now the cost is $5 billion and climbing. Southern just announced $500 million in cost overruns because they put in the wrong size pipe.

Given the incredible cost overruns, why anybody thinks this plant will meet its ambitious operation projections is a complete mystery to me. Not only has it cost 20 times more than a natural gas plant, I predict it will cost far more to operate year in and year out.

No bank would ever finance Kemper. So the Mississippi state Legislature, in its wisdom, passed “the baseload act” which allows Southern to raise residential electricity bills before the plant produces a single kilowatt.

Under the baseload act, Mississippi homeowners could be charged for Kemper even if it totally fails. That would be $25,000 per customer.

At the $25,000 per customer cost of Kemper, every one of Southern’s 186,000 customers could have installed rooftop solar panels and cut their electric bill in half. Instead, we have a 22-percent rate increase before the plant is even producing electricity.

This January the state Legislature allowed Southern to issue a billion dollars in bonds to pay for Kemper cost overruns. Securing those bonds are the homes of the ratepayers.

Tom Blanton, a Hattiesburg oil man, is outraged by this. He has spent thousands of his own money filing suit against Southern. His lawsuit argues the baseload act is a violation of the “takings clause” of the federal and state constitutions.

Blanton’s lawsuit asserts that the PSC only has the power to set the price of electricity. In Kemper’s case, ratepayers are being charged  for electricity they have yet to receive. You can’t just take somebody’s money without due process. The Mississippi Supreme Court will hear oral arguments this fall.

Two years ago, the Mississippi Supreme Court rescinded the Kemper construction permit stating there was not “substantial evidence” justifying its construction.  A few billion dollars more makes its justification presumably even more difficult.

Meanwhile, the pro-Kemper faction has mounted a PR blitz with radio ads blasting Kemper dissidents Kelley Williams and Ashby Foote.

The attack group is called JobKeeper Alliance. There is no way to trace the money behind it, but you can make a pretty good guess. We know JobKeeper is allied with the Alabama unions who want to protect their Kemper construction jobs.

Once Kemper is built those Alabama union members will be long gone while the bill will be with Mississippi ratepayers for the next 40 years.

It’s interesting to note the pro Kemper folks aren’t disputing the facts. Instead, they are attacking the messenger, Bigger Pie, saying it received state money over a decade ago.

So what? Lots of nonprofits get government grants. Nothing new or shocking there.

Bigger Pie is an offshoot of the Institute for Technology Development (ITD), which Williams heads. ITD is an independent non-profit with its own board. It can do what it wants. ITD is audited annually.

Fighting crony capitalism is a great cause and certainly one which will help Mississippi’s economic development. Excessive energy costs will stifle industrial development for years to come.

It is unprecedented for a $17-billion utility monopoly to mount a media attack against two private individuals. To claim Foote is in cahoots with the natural gas business because he’s a stockbroker is laughable, to say the least.

The professionals behind this media barrage are well known in Alabama circles for being “black ops” pros who employ vicious tactics. It’s a smokescreen. When you have no defense, try offense.

By exposing the Kemper boondoggle, Bigger Pie has already saved Mississippians a billion dollars. That’s how much of Kemper Southern has written off as a loss rather than pass along to the ratepayers.

Kemper will be built. Whether it can operate as designed is doubtful. Regardless, the full $5,000,000,000 cost of Kemper should be paid by Southern’s 500,000 shareholders, not Mississippi’s 186,000 ratepayers. There’s plenty of time and opportunity to do that if Mississippi’s Republican leaders have the best interest of our state at heart.

- See more at:


Why Barry Can’t Lead; The Emperor Has No Clothes

Obama as King of the AshesObama’s Push to Create  a Fascist  Nation

by Thomas Baldwin, Biloxi, MS,  

July 3, 2013

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell


“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”— Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.”— Nelson Mandela

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.”— Peter Drucker

“When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.'”—Lao Tzu

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”—Stephen Covey

Following a successful career in physics for approximately 20 years, I have been a thirty year student, teacher and consultant in the traits and attributes of leadership and team development and the personal characteristics and skills necessary to be effective. Though I have developed courses and tools to help those (primarily) in companies to improve their effectiveness, I have often used the publications of others and personal experiences to serve as my guide or “mentors”. One of the most powerful of those authors for me has been Stephen Covey, who made his fame and fortune from the book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Covey later published several books, but perhaps most noteworthy for this subject, “Principle Centered Leadership”.This brief article will focus on what I have learned directly (i.e. clinically) about leadership in the last thirty or more years and will show why Barack Obama does not have the “right stuff”. In fact, I am not only concerned that his lack of leadership ability will lead to a failed presidency but, in fact, a catastrophic failure from which the entire country will greatly suffer.


I will begin this discussion with a bit of Obama’s history. He is, of course, a dark skinned man who had both white and black parents. His black African father was absent for essentially his entire life. He was raised by his white mother and white grandparents. Though his early adversaries tried to make a legal issue of where he was actually born, they missed the entire major issue. It was never about “nature”; it has always been about “nurture”. Barack Obama has learned to be a “white” man in dark skin. That is the whole history of his existence. He has been plagued with an identity problem. But he first arose to national fame with his book, “Dreams of My Father” (a black African) which sold enormous numbers of copies and provided a platform for his rise to political power. It is also noteworthy that the Democratic Party found this as their “solution” to achieve power again also. They decided this man provided them with  their chance to put a black man in the White House; he also met the requirements of some very rich wealthy elite who knew he could be manipulated. Ralph Nader even spoke up with courage during the 2008 elections stating the fear that Obama would become an “Uncle Tom” for the corporations!

What are the leadership traits that Barack Obama has demonstrated? His background included an education at Harvard Law following earlier education at Occidental College (CA) and Columbia Univ. (NY). There has never been any record published of his performance at those schools but we have been regularly informed that he was President of the Harvard Law Review. We have also been continuously reminded that he was specializing as a Constitutional Lawyer at Harvard. It has been interesting that the Harvard Law School has been notoriously absent in commenting on Obama’s performance in the presidency regarding Constitutional issues. Are nearly all of the members of Harvard Law fearful of speaking out? So much for academic freedom; perhaps they’re most fearful of losing their grants from the federal government and corporate sponsors?

The basic ingredients of effective leadership as identified by Covey and others are CHARACTER and COMPETENCE. For at least three years or more, I have been making careful observations of both of these attributes in Obama. My firm conclusion is that he has serious deficiencies in both. Admitting that these are sometimes hard to separate, I will consider character first. Obama shows almost no real commitment to principles; his continued excuse is that he believes in “compromise”. Although one can easily be deceived by his “talk” one has to watch his “walk”. He does not do what he says he’s going to do and this pattern is habitually repeated.

Some concrete examples were listed here from a recent publication in “Thrive” written by Foster Gamble:  Wealth, domination pyramicIt is testimony to the true hierarchy of power depicted in this pyramid. Whether we believe Obama would have changed things if he could have, or that he was in on this deal from the start, the facts remain the same. Obama is carrying out virtually the same agenda as the Bushes. He kept Gitmo open and continues torture. He’s expanded wars, authorized drones, legalized indefinite incarceration and assassination (NDAA). He condones comprehensive electronic surveillance, IRS bullying and the covert arming of drug cartels (Fast and Furious). He hired architects of the economic implosion—Summers and Geithner—to supposedly fix the damage they themselves helped orchestrate. He hired a top executive from Monsanto, Michael Taylor, to be his “food safety czar” and now Walmart cheerleader, Jason Furman, to be his Chief Economic Advisor.” 

The  reference above to Gamble’s publication also contains an excellent video clip showing Obama now doing the opposite  of what he said he would do in his campaign for the presidency in  2008.  One can add much to this short paragraph above including an expansion of the surveillance of American citizenry with domestic spying of telephone calls and emails, greatly increased prosecution of whistle blowers, the hiring of the CEO of General Electric to do nothing regarding job creation, neglect of serious environmental issues, neglect of serious wealth/income inequities and most of the serious things he addressed or promised during his 2008 campaign.

Obama has been nearly “perfect” in saying one thing and doing almost exactly the opposite or nothing at all. I have previously labeled this as the “Obama Shuffle”–giving a shout to the “left “and jumping to the “right”, a dance step he has perfected. This has led to a greatly increased trust gap as an increasing number of his original loyalists have abandoned their support for him. One of the latest polls shows that only 35% of the population now trust Obama with the greatest decline of nearly 17% occurring with the younger voting age.  Trust in leadership was discussed in this Forbes article published last year.

John McGarry--Yes We  ScanThus, Obama has shown an enormous character deficiency. Most recently, he has also been chastised by the President of China, the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Germany for supporting the abuses of the NSA in their surveillance and spying activities. Merkel even had to remind Obama (the “Constitutional” lawyer) of his duty to protect civil liberties. Recently, Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald made appearances at the 2013 Chicago Socialism Conference and made very pertinent critical comments regarding Obama’s hypocrisy on whistle blower, Edward Snowden, who released information regarding NSA blatant abuses of the Fourth Amendment.  He is also following the same path as George Bush in justifying his international war mongering policies, claiming the possession and use by other countries with their “weapons of mass destruction.” No country posesses more weapons of mass destruction than the U.S. and no one has used more. He has brought shame to the Nobel Peace Prize he received in 2009 and it should be revoked.

His rhetoric has as its objective a method to distract attention from the real problems we face and direct attention to an unknown and unidentified enemy, particularly the “terrorists” who are waiting behind every tree and under every rock. It is, of course, a method of enhancing fear and the use of that characteristic to justify anything Obama and his manipulators want to do. As I have suggested several places, Obama is on a path to create an Orwellian state and put a permanent “Big Brother” in charge. Last October, I published a blog claiming he was engaging his “Weapons of Mass Distraction” and also creating an Orwellian nation.

The other major leadership characteristic Obama lacks is competence. This clearly overlaps the character factors but specifically includes building relationships with colleagues, choosing competent subordinates, delegating responsibilities, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, communicating clear objectives, measuring and reporting accurate and truthful facts and data, etc. Obama has continually demonstrated major deficiencies in all of these. Several have written about his inability to personally relate to key members of Congress even by failing to meet with them. He has demonstrated his inability to understand what “compromise” means in negotiations and has habitually capitulated or acquiesced in important matters rather than stick with principles which he had previously enunciated. This has been the case in both domestic and international affairs. He not only fails to take responsibility himself for any mistakes but fails to hold his subordinates responsible, claiming instead limited or no knowledge of mishaps.

His failure to acknowledge whether the objectives in the solutions to problems were met or not is legendary. As one specific example, witness the provisions of Obamacare which because of serious deficiencies in the law will almost certainly not meet the needs of people for “universal” coverage at affordable rates and limit cost increases of health coverage. Obamacare was a gift to the pharmaceutical and insurance industries; there was no public option designed to provide competition.  From the on July  3 (as this blog goes to press again):  “Yesterday evening, the Obama administration announced that it will delay for one year the “employer mandate,” which is the penalty on businesses with 50 or more employees who don’t provide insurance to their workforce. Naturally, this reactivated the Obamacare Train Wreck Doomsaying chorus.”

Some have even anticipated that a “train wreck” is on its way in 2014 and Obama and his advisors are undoubtedly writing the script to deny responsibility. Some large private companies are designing ways to shift more healthcare costs to the government (e.g. though Medicaid) by limiting employment to more part time employees and reducing their wages. This is effectively a way to increase the numbers of the working poor and remove people from the numbers of unemployed. A majority of the public appear to intuit or sense that there is a serious impending crisis ahead without even knowing the details of what is coming. Obama has done little or nothing to reassure the public. He only continues to pat himself on the back for producing a piece of crap and the Democratic Party cheers him on. 

What are the observable consequences of a failed presidency described above? The primary one in the political and socioeconomic sectors is a great enhancement toward the creation of aIs It Fascism Yet totalitarian, fascist nation which is totally controlled by the big banks and corporate power. We clearly do not have any semblance of a representative democratic republic. Several authors have written about the dominant combination of corporate fascism and imperialism in recent months including Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, John Pilger, Finian Cunningham and others.  The image included here is from an Ebook by Jill Dalton.  Obama has clearly enabled and supported these forces of corporate fascism.  As a result, we clearly do not have any semblance left of a representative democratic republic.  That is exhibited by a poll recently reported showing only 35% of the public trusting him and Congress receiving the lowest favorability rating in history of only 10%. As pointed out by pollsters, dictators in countries where we have removed the leaders through regime change have rated higher!

For several years, people have been describing our government in Washington as being dysfunctional. But that word is no longer adequate; it is on the way of becoming defunct (dead). Rampant fascism is like a spreading cancer; it is now near Stage IV in this country and without radical surgery Uncle Sam won’t survive. The creation of a Fourth Reich is well underway. That is a direct result of extremely poor leadership unlike what we’ve had from leaders periodically in our history before. In 1936 during the recovery from the Great Depression, FDR spoke out strongly against the fascist forces in this nation at a time when at least two countries in Europe were embracing it. 

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group.”–Franklin D. Roosevelt

And Obama is directly responsible for eroding our civil liberties through such acts as NDAA (indefinite detention), NSA spying, Drone attacks that even have killed Americans, etc. These are necessary measures to further the enhancement of a fascist nation. Perhaps soon he will be requesting that we will high step march in boots to salute him by shouting Sieg Heil.

When I was teaching a leadership class for adults about five years ago at the Stennis Space Center (MS), I used Obama as an example of a good leader purely based upon his speeches. I made a horrible mistake in judgment. I owe my students a sincere apology; I won’t easily make that mistake again. A person doing what they say they are going to do is a primary factor in building trust and necessary for a good leader. I no longer trust ANYTHING that Barack Obama says he is going to do.  Some of my friends have told me that they cannot even stand to hear him speak any longer.  As I said at the time of the 2010 midterm elections, I would not buy a used car from this man. In an article recently published, James Petras refers to Obama as the Master Con-man. Obama is totally unfit as a presidential leader and he has earned a great big “F” in my “leadership class”; the “incomplete” has been long removed!

The two party political duopoly has shown us clearly that Barack  Obama is the “best” they can do in the electoral process even after spending billions of dollars.  Isn’t it about time a majority in this country reject these two parties and recognize they are both incompetent and corrupt?  Isn’t it about  time we recognize nothing is going to change unless we commit to this?  Isn’t it about time we accept the fact that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a definition of INSANITY?  Isn’IIsn couldn’t have saidthe this btheetter.ell at ecomonimeconoecoof the ct is testimony to the true hierarchy of power depicted in the pyramid above. Whether we believe he would have changed things if he could have, or that he was in on this deal from the start, the facts remain the same. Obama is carrying out virtually the same agenda as the Bushes. He kept Gitmo open and continues torture. He’s expanded wars, of the drones, legalized indefinitehe incarceration and assassination (NDAA). He condones comprehensive electronic surveillance, IRS b


But project, he says, ‘past point of no return’

Jun. 3, 2013   4 Comments 

Written by Geoff Pender
  • Brandon Presley, Public Service Commissioner

Brandon Pressley 

 Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley on Monday blasted Mississippi Power’s embattled and over-budget Kemper County coal plant, but noted the $4.3 billion project is “past the point of no return” and “too big to fail.” 

The decision has been made, and the train is on the track,” Northern District Commissioner Presley said. “I feel for those 185,000 customers on the Coast that are going to have to pay for this. Let’s hope it works.”

Presley spoke at the Stennis Institute of Government’s monthly press luncheon on Monday. Presley has often been the lone dissenting vote on the three-member commission as it has granted various approval for the “clean-coal” plant the company is building in Kemper County. The company had originally pledged to build the plant — much of which rate payers will finance — for $2.4 billion.

This is the greatest transfer of wealth from customers to a monopoly in the history of the state of Mississippi,” Presley said. “Where are all these so-called conservatives on that?”

The PSC this year approved a 15 percent rate increase for Mississippi Power customers to finance the plant, to be followed by a 3 percent increase next year. The company is expected to seek another 2 percent to 4 percent increase later.

Last month saw the abrupt departure of Mississippi Power’s president and a vice president shortly after the PSC learned documents about cost overruns were withheld. The company announced it was another $540 million over budget, but said shareholders of its parent, Southern Co. would cover those costs.

The state Legislature this year approved a bill allowing Mississippi Power to sell up to $1 billion in bonds for overruns.

Mississippi Power spokesman Jeff Shepard, in a written statement on Monday said: “Mississippi Power believes the Kemper County energy facility remains the best option to ensure clean, safe, reliable energy for our customers at a stable price for decades to come. … the company had a specific need for an additional baseload unit — a plant that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. … The project is a massive pioneer effort on the cutting edge of technology and is expected to offer significant long-term benefits to customers. We have worked hard to minimize the rate impact to our customers and we will continue to work with the PSC and provide any and all information they request as we continue the construction of this state-of-the-art facility.”

(Page 2 of 2) 

Presley said he is unchanged in his belief that the plant was too ambitious for the company, and the technology untried. But power company and other state officials have said Mississippi Power needs to diversify its sources of energy and not be too dependent on natural gas.

Duke Energy is building a similar plant in Indiana. That plant, too, has seen delays and cost overruns, inflating its price from $1.9 billion to $3.5 billion, part of which ratepayers will cover with their utility bills.

Presley said that early on, former Gov. Haley Barbour, Gov. Phil Bryant and other conservative state leaders lobbied hard for approval of the plant.

Elected officials were saying, ‘Please pass this plant,’” Presley said. “But then they’ve been lockjawed and mute on the impact it’s having on the family budget and the small business budget. … I am just blown away by so-called conservative groups saying it’s OK to raise people’s utility rates. If there was a 20-percent increase in property taxes, they would be marching in the streets.

What’s awful and outrageous is a senior citizen on the Coast having to split a pill in half so they can pay their power bill,” Presley said. “This is an area already hit by Katrina and the BP oil spill.”

They want their monopoly status, but don’t want any, any, any responsibility to the rate-paying public … If this was such a wonderful idea, why didn’t they go to Wall Street and get the money instead of asking little old ladies and small businesses to put up the money?”



Clean coal image 1--schoolsThe blog focuses on several articles which have been published in the last two months on what I have come to call, “The Great Kemper “Clean Coal” Debacle.   It has been called other names like a “boondoggle”, a scam, a theft, etc.  But it is going to be an impending disaster for the State of Mississippi and I give that at least an 80% probability.  It will take a miracle for that to change.

But it is also a prime example of Corporate Fascism at work.  That’s when a corporation or a group of corporations also “merge” with the government and take control.  In this case, the primary culprit is the Southern Co. which is the owner of Miss. Power.  What they have tried to do is to buy the executive and legislative branches of the Mississippi Government, and its agencies, to authorize a totally unwise expenditure and charge it to the citizenry (rate payers) even before there is ample proof that this is prudent. And Miss. Power is, of course, a regulated monopoly.  Have you ever tried to buy your electricity from another supplier?   It is not unlike being controlled by a mafia ring and  the primary mafioso members are the CEO of the Southern Co. Tom Fanniing and the CEO of Miss. Power, Ed Day.

The way corporate fascism succeeds is that it also gains control of the media.  In this case, Miss. Power has shown clearly that it has control of the Sun Herald, the major newspaper in So. MS and WLOX, the major TV station. How does that work?  It’s simple;  you just fork over the dollars.  It’s exactly the way they have worked with the executive and legislative branches.

These articles are from the “alternate”, non corporate media for the most part though there are other publications outside of So. MS which have also made reports.  I have focused on two outstanding publications, Emmerich Newspapers (Northside Sun) and a blog site, Bigger Pie Forum.  These two are fearless in this matter and present objective views of what is happening even though the environmental aspects of this enormous debacle are not adequately presented.  Why won’t these articles appear locally?  Because of what I said in the paragraph above! It’s basically the same reason they won’t touch the blogs I have been writing for at least 18 months or even some “Letters to the Editors”.

Thomas Baldwin,  Biloxi, MS


Court rules in favor of Bigger Pie public records request

Complete article: 

Posted by Amy McCullough on April 19, 2013

UPDATE APRIL 22: Hearing on Bigger Pie Forum’s contempt motion is 9 a.m. tomorrow, April 23 in Hinds County Chancery Court, 316 S. President St., Jackson, Miss. in Judge Dewayne Thomas’ court room.


Hinds County Chancery Court has ruled that the Mississippi Public Service Commission must give Bigger Pie Forum records related to the Kemper County clean coal plant.

>> Read the judge’s order here.

The Mississippi Public Service Commission has failed to comply with the order from Chancellor Dewayne Thomas.

In July 2012, Bigger Pie Forum filed a public records request with the Commission requesting records containing Mississippi Power Company’s 2009 natural gas price forecasts that were used to economically justify the company’s $3-billion clean coal plant under construction in Kemper County. The case was heard in September.

Miss. Public Service Commission fails to comply with court order


Cost of Kemper power plant keeps growing

Wyatt Emerich photoFROM THE DELTA DEMOCRAT TIMES—4-21-2013

Wyatt Emmerich

Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013 12:00 am

While Mississippi Power was building the $4 billion Kemper coal plant, Entergy bought a natural gas plant for $250 million — one twelfth the cost per kilowatt. 

Last year, South Mississippi Electric Power Association purchased an 837 megawatt 12-year-old gas plant in Batesville for $286 million. Per kilowatt, the Kemper plant is 19 times more expensive than the Batesville gas plant.

Natural gas plants are proven technology. The Kemper lignite gasification plant uses a new technology that has never been applied on a commercial scale. 

Mississippi Power and its regulatory agency, the Mississippi Public Service Commission, have made a huge bet that natural gas priceswill rise. So far, the opposite has happened. This bad decision could cost 356,000 households in our state an extra $580 a year on their power bill. If Kemper doesn’t meet its rosy operating projections, the price tag could easily be a thousand dollars per household per year. 

According to its 2011 annual report, Mississippi Power has 3.2 gigawatts, of generating capacity without Kemper. The average daily need is 1.7 gigawatts and the all-time peak is 2.9. In addition, Mississippi Power can always buy electricity from other power plants for less than it costs to produce from its own plants. So why was Kemper needed?  Mississippi Power states in its annual report that its old coal plants can be retrofitted with scrubbers for $330 million and be EPA compliant. Why not do that instead?

Continued at link posted  above and here:


 Mississippi’s PSC is not looking out for Mississippians

By Wyatt Emmerich,

President, Northside Sun Newspaper

I attended my first Public Service Commission (PSC) hearing last week. I was not impressed.

Because power companies have monopolies, the PSC Is there to protect the consumer. But that’s not what I witnessed. Instead, PSC commissioner Leonard Bentz seemed irritated at some of the citizens who showed up to protest the new rate hikes precipitated by the new $3.7 billion Kemper lignite plant.

Bentz started the meeting by complaining about “misinformation” published by various reporters and columnists. I guess that includes me.

During a break, I approached Bentz, gave him my card and told him I would be happy to meet with him to straighten out any misinformation. I was not warmly received.

I can certainly understand the pressure Bentz feels. It would make me testy as well. But what about the 300,000 or so utility customers who will soon see a 25 percent increase in their utility bills?

Bentz takes issue with Sierra Club reports indicating rates will eventually go up 60 percent or more. He pointed out that the rate increase is 25 percent, not 60 percent. Regarding this first rate increase, he is correct. But who said this will be the last? It could well be the first of many.

The question is, why are rates going up at all? As a businessman, I buy new equipment to lower my cost of production, not raise it. I don’t recall any brownouts in Southeast Mississippi. So why was this plant built in the first place?

The tab for the new plant is $3.7 billion and rising rapidly. The total number of customers served by the plant is about 300,000 – about a fourth of the state. That comes to $12,000 per utility customer on average. The interest and principal to pay that off over 20 years could easily top $1,000 per year per customer. That’s why tensions are running high. …

The Southern Company will be looking to its Mississippi customers to pay for the cost of the plant, sooner or later.

There is something very wrong when a company making $3.75 billion in operating profit can force utility customers in the poorest state to pay for an experimental $3.7 billion power plant that isn’t even needed. …

A full-scale natural gas plant would have cost one-sixth as much and produced 50 percent more electricity.

Any private company would have pulled the plug long ago. But that’s not how it works in the world of a regulated monopoly. Instead, the Southern Company will spend millions to lobby influential government officials and make Mississippi’s families swallow a huge increase in their monthly power bills. This is the very thing the PSC was designed to prevent. Instead, the commission is enabling it. …

I have written about this misguided project for years now. Never once has anyone from Southern or the PSC disputed my facts or attempted to show me the light. I hope to meet with Southern Company officials in the near future and visit the plant. Nothing would make me happier than to discover I am completely wrong, for I feel sad that this economic albatross is going to be around the neck of my beloved state for the next 40 years. This is 72 times the size of the beef plant.

I recall taking a government course in college about how regulatory agencies end up getting cooped and manipulated by the very industries they are supposed to regulate. As far as I can tell, this is precisely what has happened here. Monopolies are simply bad for society. Don’t try to regulate them. Break them up and allow consumers choice. Given a choice of electricity providers, I seriously doubt many Mississippi utility customers would have chosen the one with the highest price – even if it is bleeding edge technology.

A longer version of this editorial appeared in the Northside Sun and other newspapers. Read the full version here.

Wyatt Emmerich can be reached at


The Kemper coal plant will have everyday high-priced electricity

By Ashby M. Foote III
Bigger Pie Forum board president

This is an excerpt from the full version of this editorial which ran in The Clarion-Ledger on March 30, 2013.

You may have missed it but Mississippi Power (MP), the electric utility serving 23 counties in Southeast Mississippi, recently posted a blockbuster 57% increase in earnings for 2012. Headlines for this newsworthy item were hard to find, one had to dig to page II-359 ofSouthern Company’s (MP’s parent company) annual 10K filing with the S.E.C. to find the report. So just how good was 57% earnings growth in the lackluster economy of 2012? It was better than 95% of the companies in the S&P 500 index and better than all but one of the 33 U.S. publicly traded electric utilities. Or consider the premier growth company Wal-Mart, in 2012 they grew earnings by just 12% on sales growth of 5%. In short, +57% is the type profit growth that keeps Wall Street types drooling.

Even more amazing is that MP achieved this $54 million increase in profits in a year where they sold fewer kilowatt hours (kWh) and saw total revenues fall by 6.9%. Huh? Anyone who has ever run a lemonade stand is probably asking, “How do you increase profits by $54 million when production and sales are declining?” That is an important question. (Continued at link above)



Kemper coal plant will cost our state thousands of jobs

By Rich Sun 

Over the course of a 40-year career in banking and investing, I have rarely seen a project that makes less sense than the lignite mine and gasification plant under construction in Kemper County by Mississippi Power Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company. From the estimates compiled by the Bigger Pie Forum and their engineering consultants, it appears that the gasifier and mine impose about $300 million of unnecessary excess annual costs on the 185,000 families and businesses in the Mississippi Power Company service area, compared to building a standard gas-fired generating plant.

The $300 million is an estimate by outsiders without access to Mississippi Power’s detailed estimates. The actual excess will vary with gas prices, and Kemper’s operating costs and efficiencies ….. Mississippi Power has been unusually opaque in its filings; many of its filings have been confidential and available only to the Public Service Commission and staff. The recent Special Purpose Entity (shell company) bond financing signed by the governor may reduce financing costs by a fraction, but is a bailout of Mississippi Power cost overruns beyond what had been approved by the PSC.

One thing is clear: At the time when Mississippi Power committed to build the mine and gasifier and ever since then, all public independent forecasts of gas prices have shown the mine and gasifier more expensive by far.

Southern has given several reasons for building Kemper; on close examination, none of them appears to justify the excess cost.

Higher taxes paid by Mississippi Power: Southern states that Kemper increases the tax base and tax receipts to the state and local governments from Mississippi Power. All those taxes are paid from ratepayers’ electricity bills.

The portion of construction and operating costs of Kemper that are necessary and prudent – the cost of the turbine electric generator (probably under $1 billion) – increase tax receipts reasonably. Mississippi residents will pay $300 million a year in higher electricity rates for Mississippi Power Company to recover the excess construction costs of the mine and gasifier ($3.8 billion versus $1 billion or less), the operating costs of the mine and gasifier and the taxes on both capital and operating costs.

If I sell you a dollar’s worth of goods for two dollars, you lose the extra dollar and sales tax on the extra dollar. How do you feel about the taxes on the overcharge? That is how you should feel about most of the increase in taxes Southern claims from Kemper.

Jobs: Southern Company has identified about three percent of its shareholders as Mississippi residents (there may be more since some registrations are in “street name”) and a portion of the cost will be spent locally. In any case, the vast majority of that $300 million is going out of state and will be a massive drain on the local economy.

The Kemper plant will employ about 250 workers when in operation, some of whom will be high-skilled workers from out of state. We estimate that job loss in the service area from the $300 million of excess electricity cost could be 5,000 to 15,000 jobs. Using an annual cost per employee of $60,000 (a high number) gives the 5,000 estimate; using the typical multiplier from the primary jobs (and perhaps lower costs per job) produces the 15,000 jobs lost.

So Mississippi gets 250 jobs at Kemper and loses 5,000 to 15,000 jobs: how is that good for Mississippi?

Natural gas price risk: Mississippi Power says building Kemper protects ratepayers from the price volatility of natural gas. Gas does vary in price. But if the cost of power from gas is always lower than from lignite, why pay for lignite?

Southern had the option to start construction of the mine and gasifier at Kemper if natural gas rose enough beyond the forecast levels to make the mine and gasifier economic. There was no need to build it immediately. Hedges could have reduced price increases during the construction period

If Kemper is such a bad idea, why aren’t businesses and local leaders speaking out against Kemper?

First, Mississippi Power has run a superficially effective public relations campaign, including heavy lobbying, commercials and multiple four-color full-page ads touting Kemper’s benefits – citing jobs, taxes and price stability, but has never documented any lower cost electricity compared to building a standard gas fired generating plant.

Second, because utilities usually pass through only legitimate costs, as reviewed and confirmed by the regulators, the business community does not look closely at utilities.

Third, the relevant facts and analysis were not available until recently.

Very few, if any, senior executives of well-run companies would approve a project like Kemper; the risk to their finances and reputation from the high operating and capital costs, and unproven technology would be far too great. They are experts in their own businesses, not so in electrical generation. 

Rich Sun, a Northsider, was an investment banker with Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, UBS and an investor with a global private equity firm backed by the World Bank, AIG, GE and Singapore. He arranged, advised or invested in 100 private transactions valued at over $11 billion, 60 percent of which were in the energy sector. Since 2001, he has been engaged in backing early-stage, high-potential companies.


Bigger Pie Forum is a discussion platform. Views expressed in this column are the opinions of the author and are not official opinions of the Bigger Pie Forum board or employees. Articles published in February-April 2013.

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UPDATE APRIL 22: Hearing on Bigger Pie Forum’s contempt motion is 9 a.m. tomorrow, April 23 in Hinds County Chancery Court, 316 S. President St., Jackson, Miss. in Judge Dewayne Thomas’ court room….

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State regulators voted to allow Mississippi Power Company to start charging customers for its clean coal power plant under construction in Kemper County, despite the fact the plant won’t be operational until 2014….

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Bigger Pie Forum board member, Dr. Charles Grayson, has written a few editorials regarding the Kemper County clean coal plant for the Bigger Pie Forum 

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Gov. Phil Bryant has signed two bills Mississippi Power says will allow them to raise rates to pay for the multibillion dollar Kemper County power plant project by about 25 percent, instead of the company…

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Mississippi House members have blessed a settlement between the Public Service Commission and Mississippi Power Co. over the…

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Senate Bill 2755, the “Mississippi Public Utility Rate Mitigation and Reduction Act,” and its companion,…

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