Enhanced Interrogation for Republican Leadership–Where Are the Jobs?


Dr. Tom Baldwin, Biloxi, MS

May 3, 2011

It is quite amazing to watch Republican critics of President Obama in his handling of the Bin Laden assassination try to take credit for the success in this action.  The fact is that it was a courageous decision by Obama based upon input from several advisors, it was immensely successful thanks to the execution of the Navy Seals, and it was politically very risky.  The President deserves full credit for his decision and the success of the mission along with those who carried out the execution.

But to try now to attribute it to a decision by the Bush-Cheney administration to commit to “enhanced interrogation” techniques is one of the most absurd things that anyone has heard.  It is a desperate attempt to maintain that Republicans are far superior to Democrats in matters of national security.  But that’s all they have, isn’t it?

So lets’ suppose they are right, huh?  Since the Republicans have promised us in the last election to produce jobs and haven’t come forth with any ways to do that, let’s suppose they know how to do that but won’t disclose that information. Instead, all they have done is to continue to shut down the whole government and threaten to default on payment of our debt. Let’s suppose that their belief that advanced interrogation methods work where others don’t.  Therefore, we should assume that we should be able to get that information from them if we use “advanced interrogation” methods, doesn’t it?

Therefore, I propose that we subject the Republican Leadership, including Senator McConnell, Speaker Boehner, Rep. Cantor, and Rep. Ryan to techniques such as “waterboarding” on the Capitol steps for all to see. Rep. Peter King (NY) stated clearly that “water boarding was a moral imperative”; thus he would make an excellent candidate to demonstrate the success in obtaining the answer to the question:  Where are the jobs?  If someone will supply the waterboard, the rest of us can supply the water.  This process should give us a good answer as to how we can supply much needed jobs to our economy and solve our deficit problem in short order!  This is without question the major threat we face right now from the terrorist threats to the economy that the Republican Party continues to present.


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