Progressive Authors and Blogs—“Non-Corporate” Sources

Progressive Authors and Blogs—“Non-Corporate”  Sources

by Thomas Baldwin

October 20, 2012, Biloxi, Mississippi

This blog is simply to report my favorite authors and Websites who continue to espouse progressive or even independent views not dependent upon corporate media.  Corporate media has become totally corrupted with huge money combined with their efforts to influence and sell to the political sector.  This is essential and has become a priority for the promotion of corporate fascism which has become a dominant force in both political parties.  My recommendation is simple;  turn off  these corporate sources and listen to independents.  If one considers himself/herself a progressive, there is no other rational alternative. 

For the last three or four years I have realized that the internet is the only rational way to receive information with the exception of a few network programs, but especially using alternative media which you may not receive on cable, satellite and especially network  talk shows or “news.”  Corporate network news has become basically the “vast wasteland” which the FCC commissioner Newton Minow recognized decades ago.  It has become the medium in which, as owned by large corporations, these entities use to propagate their propaganda stance. It’s also a theme in the well known book by George Orwell, “1984” written in 1949! That becomes particularly evident every four years or every electoral period.  Why?  It’s simple:  their intent is to maximize their revenue and profits presenting false information and manufacturing conflicts ignoring realistic expectations or opinions of the public.  It ain’t rocket science folks;  but it is a repeated experience. They have achieved their mission to brainwash their publics and it doesn’t matter whether it is “left” or “right” in the political spectrum but the billionaire mogul, Rupert Murdoch, has set the standard.  Everyone else in the major networks has been following that. 

Here is my initial listing of those whom I think are worthy of listening to and if you have objections or alternatives please let me know for revisions or additions.  You can find their work by just doing a simple search or check also with the blogsites listed below where some of them publish.  I highly recommend you identify these as favorites on your computer and/or sign in to their Facebook pages:


Noam Chomsky  Glenn Greenwald  Chris Hedges  Michael Hudson  

Naomi Klein   Paul Krugman  Ralph Nader  Greg Palast

Michael Parenti  Robert Scheer  Jeremy Scahill  Matt Taibbi

Naomi Wolf  Richard Wolff  Jim Hightower  John Pilger

Paul Craig Roberts  Michael Payne


Dandelion Salad  OpEd News (Rob Kall)  Reader Supported News 

Common Dreams  Truthdig  Truth-out  Alternet Nation of Change

Black Agenda Report (Glen Ford)   Bill Moyer’s Journal

Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman)  GRITtv (Laura Flanders)

The Nation Magazine  Thom Hartman Report  RT America

The Real News Network  Tom Dispatch Sardonicky (Karen Garcia)n

Counter Punch

FINAL NOTE: The origin of this list has been from two years of constant observation and study and analysis of alternative sources of information and opinion from non corporate media such as one would observe from Cable TV.  The people and websites listed here have attempted to express independent opinions from what we continually observe from the same old propagandists on Cable TV discussing their customary trash. The opinions and information on these sites and from these authors have a great deal in common. It is also the product of having been an administrator of a closed Facebook site of about 30 people distributed nationally who regularly make posts and discuss the issues represented.

I have recently posted a significant blog entitled:  “A Clear and Present Danger:  The Two Party Corporatist Duopoly”.  Please have a look at the two links below:–by-Dr-Tom-Baldwin-121020-168.html

(Special thanks to Jill Dalton for helping me compile these lists.  Please see her new book below!)

Is It Fascism Yet? [Kindle Edition]  

Jill Dalton (Author, Photographer), Tracy Knauss (Illustrator)

5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (4 customer reviews) | Liked(1)

Kindle Price: $4.99 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon 

About the author;  Thomas Baldwin, Ph.D. has a doctorate in Physics and a Masters degree in Management.  He has had long careers in both physics and management consulting including university appointments as a professor both at the Southern Illinois University and Colorado Technical University.  He has been a corporate consultant to many well known large firms in project management and is currently  “officially” retired.  In the last four years or more he has been focusing on applying his skills to better understanding the political sector including socioeconomic conditions which are affecting our welfare and basic economic health. 




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