Is Our Society Becoming Addicted to Technocratic Insanity?

Technocrats in 1933I just saw an advertisement for an i-Phone with 30 GB of data per month for only $160 per month after you own the i-Phone, of course.  Aren’t you impressed?  Considering we used to have a phone for a few dollars a month you definitely should be!!

The marketing dollars for competition in today’s communication market is unbelievable.  Why?  Because billions of dollars are at stake.  It’s called the extreme capitalistic society that has been created in America.  We’re being reduced to robots to respond and sure enough, the robots are being prepared to take over from us humans.

Last night a group of us political activists earnestly tried to produce an internet blog talk radio show to debate some important political issues.  About half way through we were cut off from an internet failure from the host who had cautioned us that might occur.  But we continued to have a conversation over the telephones!  My colleague remarked, maybe we’re not ready for “prime time” yet.  Since another colleague and I have been considering another blog talk radio show, it definitely gave me pause for thought!

Though there has often been frequent criticism of the internet social media,  including Facebook as the prime example, still seems to work and the founder has become incredibly wealthy.  The point that we might want to consider is that communications between humans are extremely important and those are usually personal, telephonic and pictorial or video.  In other words, we have to communicate with one other with sight, sound and face to face and perhaps touch.  Making use of all of the methods humans have to relate to one another seems radical, doesn’t it?

Is that a difficult lesson for us humans to learn?  That should be our priority and not buying the latest “technological device” to make that happen!!  I suggest one not become a slave to technocratic  addiction but use the communication method that is best for you!


Note added in post publication:  Rocket Kirchner posted an interesting article on this subject in 2009 in Dandelion Salad regarding human communications in a “Technoautism” environment.


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