Why I became an Election Boycott Advocate by Terri Lee

If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal Posted by Thomas Baldwin on October 21, 2014 with permission of Terri Lee.


When I first became an Election Boycott Advocate (EBA) I thought about elections from the point-of-view of the voter. How can the voter achieve what he or she really and truly wants from within the ballot box?

It quickly became clear to me that “our dreams are too big for their ballot box” and that the voting booth offers us nothing as is evidenced by the wide chasm between our collective political desires and the laws and policies that are enacted to harm us here at home and millions more, worldwide. We citizens don’t authorize that, but that’s what we get.

But then, I turned my thinking around and I started to examine the Election Charade from the point-of-view of the Political Class. Then it became crystal clear just how much they need us to participate in the Charade they created that only serves them.

All they need us for on every Election Day is to simply show up and participate. What anyone actually does from inside the electoral contraption makes no difference whatsoever. They have assured this. A servant of the Ruling Elite will come into power. This is guaranteed.

Our participation suggests we support them, agree with them, like them and are in agreement with what they do — but, we don’t agree with them, like them or support what they do. There is no reason why we should aid them in making them appear legitimate.

They are de-legitimized without our participation.

Once I discovered how deeply dependent they are on us — Election Boycotting became a lot more purposeful.

I knew that this is the one area that those in power are utterly dependent upon us to show up for them to help uphold the illusion that they are legitimate in their rule over us.

They are crippled in their dependence on us, for our vote. 

It is with great certainty that I know I must withhold my consent and encourage others to do likewise.



One response to “Why I became an Election Boycott Advocate by Terri Lee

  1. Very important point, Terri. The only real power we have in this game is not to play.. See the detailed analysis (done during the 2012 election) of how the American voting process has been entirely corrupted, at
    Election Choices: What to Do Instead


    Voting in the present system is like sitting down at a poker table where you have no reasonable certainty that there are 52 cards in the deck, or that they are not marked, and where you do know that the dealer is bought, and is going to count the chips and allocate them to the players behind a screen. Sitting at that table is not a sign of how much you treasure your money/vote, but of how easy it is to get you to waste it. The only thing you achieve, and the only reason the dealer wants you to be. at the table is to give credibility to a process that has none. And the only reason you would sit at the table, knowing all this, is because you want to believe in its credibility, too. As in all confidence games, it’s the mark’s own belief that gets him taken.

    And if the dealer is spending as much money and energy as the plutocracy does to get you to sit at that table, it must be because he really does need that sanction of credibility from you. That is what he is paying for. That, therefore, is the one power you have in the electoral system. And the most effective – indeed, I would contend, the only principled and effective way to use it in the current system is to withhold it.

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