Chris Hedges Interviews Sheldon Wolin on: Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-Exist?

Democracy Inc. by Sheldon Wolin

Compiled by Thomas Baldwin

November 10, 2012



In an update to this post I have added a recent post by Chris Hedges on Truthdig which summarizes some of his discussion with Wolin and adds his own:

Why We Need Professional Revolutionists

 Can Capitalism and Democracy Co-exist?  Original sements on  in November 2014. Wolin’s book         “Democracy Inc.,  Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism.”

The series of videos on The Real News: 

“Imagine Living in a Socialist USA“: New Book Envisions Greater

Democracy, World Without Capitalism

We end today’s show looking at a new book titled “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.” The book features essays by many prominent people, including Michael Moore, Angela Davis, Frances Fox Piven, Martín Espada, Rick Wolff and Democracy Now! co-host Juan González.

The book comes out at a time when polls show Americans aged 18 to 29 have a more favorable reaction to the word “socialism” than “capitalism.” The book is co-edited by the legendary book agent Frances Goldin, who has worked in the publishing world for more than six decades and will turn 90 years old in June. In 1951, at age 27, Goldin ran for New York State Senate on an American Labor Party slate headed by W.E.B. Du Bois. Goldin joins us now along with one of her co-editors, Michael Smith. He is a New York City attorney and a board member of the Center for Constitutional Rights.



  • Thomas Baldwin These are two brilliant, articulate economic history lessons by Richard Wolff. I had forgotten for a few months how great he is!!  Anyone who listens to these films and isn’t Mad as Hell at our corrupt capitalistic system and anyone continuing to defend what Hedges call “unfettered capitalism” needs to consult a shrink immediately!!
Economics Professor Richard Wolff details the problems of capitalism and urges our recognizing its obsolescence and replacing it with institutions that truly…

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