Election Boycott Advocates on Carson’s Corner–2014 Year in Review

This is a Year End Review of the Election Boycott Advocates and their guests on Carson’s Corner.


Election Boycott Advocate

THIS IS A DYNAMIC BLOG LAST UPDATED DECEMBER 30, 2014. The Election Boycott Advocates was a newly formed organization composed of those who live around the country, in states like Florida, New Jersey,  New York, Iowa, Illnois, Oregon, Mississippi, etc.  These individuals are committed to advocating and promoting a boycott of federal elections because they have been shown to be totally corrupt and completely controlled by a corporatist political duopoly.  The duopoly does everything in its power to cater to the corporate sector and the wealthy elite and has no intentions of representing the people despite their rhetoric to the contrary.  The duopoly works diligently to crush any “third party efforts” and eliminate competition.

This will be a dynamic blog and periodically updated with the Manifesto which is represented below in a site.  In this edition, we present segments from blog talk radio, specifically “Carson’s Corner” with Bob Carson and…

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