It’s a Good Thing Lady Justice is Blindfolded ‘cause she’d be Pissed


I arrive at 500 Pearl Street, the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Southern District Court of New York, at 8:20 a.m.  As I enter the courthouse I’m met with a long line of prospective jurors all packed neatly into narrow cordoned off rows that snake around several times. They’re all patiently waiting to submit to unconstitutional search and seizure policies put into place after 9/11 to save us from terrorists, but actually is just a way to destroy our civil liberties.


On the phone recording we called the night before, as well as on the printed summons we received, and now on the signs inside the courthouse, we’re informed, “No cell phones, no computers, iPads, etc. No electrical devices of any kind.” As per the instructions, I left my phone at home, but once inside realize many had brought theirs. The guard repeatedly scolds us, “Turn off your cell phones. Turn…

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