Violence, Beatings, Murder, and War are not any part of a Solution

The Peace Resource

darrianMurdering prisoners, abusive police, avoidable wars, unnecessary conflicts and elusive peace.
These problems begin early and they begin at home. Beating Children is ALWAYS wrong. Excuses for violently abusing a child ARE NOT reasons. The way to stop the violence is to stop the violence.

The way to stop the killing is to stop the killing. A primary example is the death penalty. It is now illegal in 18 states but 32 states keep murdering prisoners anyhow. Some killed are innocents who committed no crime.

Our current president has continued four wars of choice and started 23 more.
We are told that endless war is unavoidable. This is a lie.

Pre-emptive violence is properly called aggression. Killing prisoners who pose no threat or 50 innocents with a drone is called murder. And wars of choice are crimes and an abomination.

Violence, Murder and Wars of choice have never…

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