Report from PSC Candidate Tom Blanton on Miss. Power Proposed “New” Rate Increases

Progressive Voice Activists--Mississippi Edition

Kemper-facility-aerial-view-thumb-300x209 From Bigger Pie

This brief blog (Prepared by Thomas Baldwin with permission of Tom Blanton) contains two items:

1)  The video broadcast of Tom Blanton interview by Doug Manfield on WKFK, Channel 7, Pascagoula.  In that you will learn the details of the Miss. Power Kemper “Clean Coal” calamity that has resulted in electricity rate increases in the past two years.  Those rate increases were found to be illegal and improper by the Miss. Supreme Court and refunds were ordered by the court.  Those refunds are imminent and total over 300 million dollars.  In addition, Miss. Power was ordered to rescind the rate increases and those new decreased rates should begin to appear in your electricity bills by the end of July.  

2)  Further, Miss. Power filed a request to the Public Service Commission (PSC) to increase rates again to address an “emergency” funding need to continue with Kemper.  Tom Blanton and…

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