Every Four Years: Toward a Transformative Electoral Strategy

Be Freedom

climate marchThis is the first post in a seven part series on Elections. 

Every Four Years

It’s not what they do that matters, it’s what we do that’s so important.  The people are the single most important part of the electoral system, not the party elites.  But, if we continue to do what we have always done, we will just get more of what we have always gotten.

Think of the current trend lines of climate change, racism, mass extinction, wealth inequality, and war, just for starters. What are the risks involved in maintaining conventional political wisdom, given the likelihood that if we continue to act the same, the same situation will be reproduced?

Where in the historical record is a single example of great changes occurring without great risks? As the crisis deepens we will likely approach a tipping point in the equation of risk. The dangers we face to…

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