SteveLendmanBlog: Obama’s Covert Drone War on Syria

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by Stephen Lendman

“Obama’s war on Syria is in its fifth year – naked aggression partnered with Israel, Britain, France, Canada and rogue regional states, using imported death squad foot soldiers against a sovereign independent country threatening no others.
On September 1, the Washington Post headlined  “US launches secret drone campaign to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria.”
False!! IS leaders and foot soldiers are US enlisted proxies – funded, armed, trained, directed and deployed cross-border against the Assad government.
Washington’s bombing campaign (including use of drones) targets Syrian infrastructure, as well as providing air support for IS and other imported terrorist fighters.
Not according to WaPo, saying “(t)he CIA and US Special Operations forces have launched a secret campaign to hunt terrorism suspects in Syria as part of a targeted killing program that is run separately from the broader US military offensive against the Islamic State” – citing unnamed US officials as its source.
An earlier article discussed CIA operatives involved in arming and training US proxy death squad fighters – deployed to Syria against Assad, smuggled across Turkey’s border. Entering through Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.”

Source: SteveLendmanBlog: Obama’s Covert Drone War on Syria


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