Where Is Our Jeremy Corbyn? by Chris Hedges

As appeared in Popular Resistance and originally in Truthdig.


jeremy-corbyn pic from Offguardian

Jeremy Corbyn waves in London after he was elected the leader of the Labour Party on Saturday.

(Photo from Off Guardian)  

“The politics of Jeremy Corbyn, elected by a landslide Saturday to lead Britain’s Labour Party after its defeat at the polls last May, are part of the global revolt against corporate tyranny. He had spent his long career as a pariah within his country’s political establishment. But because he held fast to the socialist ideals that defined the old Labour Party, he has risen untarnished out of the ash heap of neoliberalism. His integrity, as well as his fearlessness, offers a lesson to America’s self-identified left, which is long on rhetoric, preoccupied with accommodating the power elites—especially those in the Democratic Party—and very short on courage.

I will not support a politician who sells out the Palestinians and panders to the Israel lobby any more than I will support a politician who refuses to confront the bloated military and arms industry or white supremacy and racial injustice. The Palestinian issue is not a tangential issue. It is an integral part of Americans’ efforts to dismantle our war machine, the neoliberal policies that see austerity and violence as the primary language for speaking to the rest of the world, and the corroding influence of money in the U.S. political system. Stand up to the masters of war and the Israel lobby and you will probably stand up to every other corporate and neoliberal force that is cannibalizing the United States. This is what leadership is about. It is about having a vision. And it is about fighting for that vision.”

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Victory Highlights the Power BTL


SEPTEMBER 12, 2015


“Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election. You probably heard. He wasn’t supposed to win – he wasn’t even supposed to run – but he did it. Not only did he win it, but he won it with the largest party mandate in the history of British politics. That’s quite an achievement considering the entire main-stream media had turned their collective fire-power against him.

When they weren’t mis-quoting him to criticise his “plans”, they were making fun of his clothes or accusing him of anti-semitism by proxy. He was unelectable, they said. He was old fashioned, they said. He was a security risk. And he won. He won at a canter.”

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