The Independent Project: The TIP Vote by David DeGraw


Election 2016: A Historic Opportunity To Reclaim Our Freedom

If the most powerful global corporations get their way and money determines the outcome of the Republican and Democratic primaries, we are going to end up with a Bush vs. Clinton presidential “election.” While Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are surging in the early polls, the recording-breaking money in the Bush/Clinton war chest has barely been unleashed. Beyond the hundreds of millions of dollars yet to be spent by their campaigns, the unpledged RNC delegates and the DNC super-delegates, who control an astounding 20% of the overall vote, are heavily committed to Bush and Clinton, as are the mainstream media companies. As we get closer to primary voting season, a Clinton/Bush onslaught awaits.

For those of you who support the handful of candidates in both parties who are genuinely calling out the entrenched special interests who dominate our political process and run the Clinton/Bush campaigns, by all means follow your passion and support those candidates. However, we need to be prepared to transition to a strong Independent presidential candidate if we end up with a Bush vs. Clinton outcome. We cannot wait until the primaries are over to organize on behalf of Independent candidates. By then, it will be much too late. We must begin the process now.

If it comes down to Bush vs. Clinton, voting for “the lesser of two evils” will drive this election more so than any other election over the past generation. That is what makes the 2016 presidential election a strategically vital opportunity to rally around a candidate outside of the two-party system and significantly evolve our government.

THE INDEPENDENT PROJECT (TIP) will empower Independent and third-party candidates to run, win and govern. In this election cycle, we will transparently explore options for candidates and help facilitate an Independent primary to nominate a third candidate for the presidency. From getting on the ballot to getting out the vote, is working to ensure that we have strong Independent choices moving forward.

THE INDEPENDENT PROJECT is redefining what it means to be a political organization in the cyber age. Unlike our current government, we are truly of, by and for the people. We are a crowdsourced political movement. We are not an old top-down organization run by a small group of shadowy leaders who cut backroom deals and are only interested in your money and a vote on Election Day. We are not just looking for a click on a “like” button. We want to genuinely collaborate with politically aware people who represent the majority of Americans who want a viable third choice for President and want to evolve our antiquated and corrupted government.

We see the two-party system as the most significant obstacle to meaningful change. We believe in decentralized power over centralized control. We have transcended the Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right political spectrum. We are overcoming divide and conquer propaganda to find common ground on key issues. Let’s work together to get a strong Independent candidate in the White House this election cycle. It can happen. It will happen! The tipping point is here!

Be part of this historic transformation; become a… Join our email list to get involved and stay informed of our progress…

We just put our intro video on YouTube. Check it out… the voiceover features Dylan Ratigan’s epic TV news rant, ‘Tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the United States of America!” The Two-Party System Is Over!! #ParadigmShift


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