Carson’s Corner with Scott Rickard, Chris Driscoll hosting–November 6, 2015

Carson’s Corner with the Election Boycott Advocates Present: Scott Rickard.
 Join us for Carson’s Corner, Friday, Nov. 6 at 9 pm Eastern as we grapple with the question, “Are Russia and China imperialist?”

This is a charge often leveled by the house-broken news media of the United States and NATO countries. That’s not surprising. What’s much more surprising is that the same charge can often be heard coming from some radicals, Marxists, socialists and communists.

With the help of our guest, Scott Rickard, we’ll attempt to unpack this common charge and examine its source, its purpose and where the truth lies. Scott is a former intelligence linguist for the U.S. government who often appears on international news networks like RT, Sputnik and Press TV as an expert analyst and commentator. With the help of his insightful take on the globe’s most important geopolitical hotspots, especially those at the intersection of Russia, China, Europe and the United States, we will shed light on the where the real imperialism lies and where it doesn’t. With the Obama Regime executing daily provocations against China and Russia, risking World War Three and nuclear annihilation, figuring out the source of the problem and possible solutions may well be the most important political topic before humanity.

You can also call in at (347) 326-9749.  Click on either link below;  show is slow to start so please be patient.

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