Tonight, Lafayette, I am with you by Lee Burkett.

Lee Burkett--every protest is a peace movement



Here’s the thing: It’s 8:20 pm, Eastern Standard Time here in the US. As I write this real people are being murdered in France. Innocent people, people just trying to live their lives, not connected to nor responsible for the horrors being perpetrated against them. 

My heart goes out to them. I know in the coming days and weeks the pain of losing loved ones in the blink of an eye for no apparent reason will be overwhelming. Lafayette, I am here for you. I embrace the people of France with my heart and with my spirit. Though it may feel you are alone in these moments of random death, please understand that you are not alone. You are part of my family. I am deeply troubled. 

No matter who takes responsibility for tonight’s slaughter, as a citizen of the United States I plead guilty to allowing my government to wage illegal preemptive war across the globe. I plead guilty to allowing complacency and privilege to keep me silent when I knew what horrors we unleashed on the world. I plead guilty to accepting the manufactured enemies my government has used as an excuse to wage wars on three continents for profit and control of resources. I remained still and silent as I was lied to, again and again by my “elected” leaders. And I washed my hands of all responsibility for their murderous actions. My silence has allowed hatred and fear to seize control of my higher powers of reason. 

Because tonight it is hatred and fear that is responsible for the death of innocents in France. It is responsible for the millions who have been murdered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, Pakistan, Somalia- not at the hands of Muslim extremists, but at the hands of US led troops. My silence in the face of 14 years of corporate driven global terror is at least as responsible for tonight’s needless deaths in France. 

I’m in tears as I write this. The images of the poor people suffering this night of horror in France resonate with images of the people in the Middle East who dig frantically through the rubble of their homes to find the bodies of their dead children, murdered for “democracy” and “freedom” and all the other lies I’ve failed to challenge. The children, my god, the world I have allowed the children to be born into … I weep for the children of France and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Palestine and Somalia. I weep for the murder I have allowed.

I know that tomorrow, in the midst of the human tragedy, the governments of the world will be supplying empty rhetoric and horrific solutions. But tonight, Lafayette, I stand with you in your hours of tragedy.




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