Revolutionary Change has begun:

The Peace Resource

“Hope and Change” under Obama brought multiple wars-of-choice: avoidable and unnecessary conflicts based on corporate ambitions.  This administration and congress have been spending trillions and killing millions, giving the corporate elite a free ride.  While the Fortune 500 have absconded with everyday working peoples’ jobs and income, American obageoinfrastucture has been eriously degraded. We need to shut down avoidable corporte wars and repair and restore rails, roads, bridges, networks, communities, libraries, schools, parks and more.

I wrote this letter to the president on his newest Facebook connection.

Dear President Barack Obama,

“If you shut down wars for profit… and invested in American schools and infrastructure, you would secure the peace and have a legacy. If you abolished the death penalty, implemented universal non-profit health care and restored habeas corpus… you would have some deniability. But right ndroneoneow, you and history may be on thin ice. Too much fear-mongering…

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