Complacency is More Dangerous Than Resistance by Lee Burkett


December 13, 2015

Here’s the thing: If we passively look on, if we are complacent, while our fellow human beings are subjugated, murdered, terrorized by a war created for no other purpose than to reap profit, then we are naive when we pretend the same fate will not eventually overtake us.
The safety and welfare of the world depends upon the mutual protection of all of us, most especially those who have not the means to defend themselves. If we allow corporate ruled government to destroy entire nations, entire peoples, one stroke at a time, then we are all made weaker by each loss of nation or people.
We, the people of Earth, are one body, and if we do nothing as limb after limb is removed from us, then we must all die. There is no cancer, left to it’s own, untended, that will not kill the body. Resistance, of even the most token sort, of the weakest sort, will become an impossibility, as our numbers are diminished.
It is not only our duty, it is in our own self interests to come together, to support our fellow human beings across the globe and to make a stand against this cancer that threatens all of us. There are many, who claim to be realists, who assert that reason dictates that while we might feel sympathy for the oppressed, that to rise up against the forces aligned against us is to invite suffering and chaos for all of us.
What blindness keeps them from seeing the suffering and chaos all around us? To fear our own loss of privilege as retaliation for resistance might seem to make sense, until you realize that complacency is more dangerous to all of us than any resistance we might mount.
(Tip ‘o the hat to Alexander Hamilton, whose writings inspired this rant.)

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