Quantum Politics? by Lee Burkett

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Quantum Leap: Mankind Steps Closer to Quantum Computer | Gadgets …gajitz.com


Here’s the thing: The introduction of moral equivalency- lesser evilism- into the political ideology has only served to allow the undeniable shift to the far, far right that currently defines our political landscape. The smallest advances are hailed as victories while we ignore the rampaging tantrums of global corporate rule.

We trade our votes for arguable and incremental advances on the home front while we rationalize and justify illegal war, engineered scarcity, poverty, homelessness and government endorsed and subsidized ecocide. And all the while we wash our hands of the responsibility we assume for ourselves when we complacently continue to give consent to be governed by psychopaths. We claim a sort of moral high ground for supporting the candidate we assume will do less harm, because, because … we have no other option.

I call it Quantum Politics, the idea that we can be opposed to “the bad” and support “the good” when both bad and good are so intermingled that one cannot be extracted from the other. The cat can be alive and dead at the same time. Thus we can exist- politically- as the antithesis of what we claim to oppose. That’s a monumental failure of intellect and imagination, a position I am proud to say I have moved beyond.

While I support and engage in community building the idea of tending to our own gardens while the rest of the world burns is not, to me, a valid moral stance. It’s a Randian/Libertarian “I got mine. screw you” mentality dressed up as new age liberalism. “Jude The Obscure” is a great book, but a hell of a way to live one’s life.

The political arena offers no hope for meaningful change because it has become systematically impossible to create change. However political ideologies and the economic models they embrace are both mutually parasitic and mutually beneficial. It’s symbiotic.

So in order to seek real change we must address the economic paradigm- where our real power exists. Despite all the monetarist/ voodoo economics currently being foisted upon us to the effect that money trickles down the plain truth is that money trickles up. Because the value of our dollar is based debt. If this were not the case, the oligarchs would simply print as much money as they could ever want and place it directly into tax-free offshore accounts.

So, my personal solutions have been to close out my bank accounts, cancel my credit cards and to refuse to go into debt. I boycott an ever growing list of corporations. I trade and barter. I’m organizing a local initiative to create “Free Food Gardens” on empty lots throughout the little redneck town I’m living in, among other activities.

I call for a moratorium on the payment of all debt, including mortgages, rents and utilities. I call for massive strikes and walk outs. I call for nationwide boycotts, and for non-violent acts of civil disobedience. Think of a million little camp fires rather than one great bonfire. Resist where you are. Disengage where you can. To disengage is not to give up. Rather it is to do away with broken and useless toys.

We have to understand we have already lost that war. We are the defeated, the dispossessed, the disenfranchised, the shell shocked veterans awaiting the order from on high as to how we are to be treated by the victors. We are the survivors and the victims of a well played coup, on the far side of a war that was waged on us and won before we even realized there was a battle to be waged. Everything we’re most afraid of, has already happened.

So, understand this is a post-war world we’re living in. The sooner we recognize that we are not citizens but are instead a defeated enemy, the sooner we can mount resistance. I know we are the enemy because we are treated as such on a daily basis. Our militarized police are an occupying army, the street level ambassadors of our new rulers- the corporate-run global governments that we still believe are in some way representative of our will, wants and needs.

We are gathered up and forced to work for the benefit of our rulers while engineered scarcity, poverty and enforced austerity turns our homes into temporary shelters, subject to eviction for failure to produce, and our neighborhoods become ghettos where we practice a learned blindness to the suffering of those around us.

In such circumstances it’s easy to understand why we covet our little privileges, and fear losing them. To have a loaf of bread where others have none is to be a king. But it’s all to the good. A defeated army knows it’s enemy in ways an ally will never comprehend.

We’ve learned their strengths, and everywhere, around the world, we are beginning to test their weak spots. They’re not afraid of violence and force, we know that. What they fear most is non-compliance, walking away from their economic terrorism.



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