The Bill and Hillary Clinton Giant Pay to Play Scandals by Thomas Baldwin

Under Hillary Clinton, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of… 

This post is supplemental to the primary publication by David Sirota in IBTIMES.COM listen above below the Clinton photo.  These are tables of data which Sirota published over a year ago and did not easily reproduce in earlier publications.  They are VERY STRONG CIRCUMSTANTIAL  EVIDENCE FOR AN OFFICIAL “PAY TO PLAY” RACKET RUN BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT AND THE CLINTON FOUNDATION.  And from other publications beginning to appear these data are only the tip of the iceberg, as more emails are about to be released.  For example they do not include many other donations which may have been corporate and made by the very wealthy individuals (the .01%).  Hopefully, the next release of information from Julian Assange will disclose more strong evidence for the vast crimes the Clintons committed.

And perhaps FBI Director James Comey will reopen his investigation and do his job. Perhaps then he will ind the INTENT of the Clintons in establishing her private server in her home and sending “personal emails”, many of which were said to be “deleted or not forwarded to the State Department as required by law.  Many of those “missing” emails . were clearly directly related to Clinton Foundation business.  Bill and Hillary Clinton should both be prosecuted and sent to prison for many years.

It is reported that Attorney General Lynch denied the authority to Comey to investigate the Foundation.  Someone should confront Lynch AND Obama and ask WHY?  They clearly are giving the impression that they are participating in a COVERUP!  Obama must have known about this “Pay to Play” racket as it was going on right underneath his nose for at least four years!


—-Thomas Baldwin


From the David Sirota article in IBTimes:

Clinton Foundation Donors Get Big Weapons Deals

Note:  Since these figures were first published by Sirota more ahn a year ago, many of them will need to be revised UPWARD!. For example, Bahrain was separately reported to have donated 35 million dollars and Saudi Arabia gave tens of millions of dollar in additon to the amounts listed.  These won’t be known accurately, including the dates at which the donations were made until the books of the Clinton Foundation are seized and analyzed in detail. 

17 out of 20 countries that have donated to the Clinton Foundation saw increases in arms exports authorized by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Country Donation Min. ($) FY2006-FY2008 ($) FY2010-FY2012 ($) Difference (%)
Algeria 250,000 649,943,709 2,431,535,005 274
Australia 10,000,000 8,030,754,085 23,953,849,391 198
Bahrain 50,000 219,718,802 630,586,020 187
Brunei 250,000 101,239,902 19,256,846 -81
Canada 250,000 20,975,621,915 24,844,128,294 18
Germany 100,000 9,147,637,319 9,839,619,231 8
Ireland 5,000,000 144,929,678 107,064,341 -26
Italy 100,000 6,195,891,571 12,274,692,168 98
Jamaica 50,000 18,572,209 11,360,582 -39
Kuwait 5,000,000 1,895,298,212 2,109,893,611 11
Morocco 2,000,000 250,045,824 253,096,156 1
Netherlands 5,000,000 3,069,131,994 4,655,490,802 52
Norway 10,000,000 2,718,237,833 3,351,140,380 23
Oman 1,000,000 170,597,237 547,003,781 221
Qatar 1,000,000 271,325,915 4,291,824,236 1,482
Saudi Arabia 10,000,000 4,105,561,815 8,094,719,012 97
Taiwan 500,000 2,612,251,394 3,811,233,565 46
Thailand 250,000 656,266,680 1,113,283,489 70
UAE 1,000,000 2,261,801,903 24,998,754,760 1,005
United Kingdom 1,000,000 26,225,307,395 38,015,933,065 45

Source: U.S. State Department and Clinton Foundation donor data Get the data

Created with Datawrapper



Defense Contractor Donation Min. ($)
Boeing 5000000  
Lockheed Martin 250000  
General Electric 1000000  
United Technologies 50000  
Goldman Sachs (Hawker Beechcraft) 500000  
Honeywell 50000  

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