Will Julian Assange Drop the big “Email Bomb” on this Corrupt Clinton Campaign and the Democratic Party? by Thomas Baldwin


“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!” 

—–George Orwell

For weeks now, Julian Assange has been releasing devastating emails and documents disclosing the magnitude of the corruption of the Democratic National Party and Hillary Clinton.  The origin of the “intervention” in the present campaign was essentially the Congressional investigation of the Benghazi fiasco in which four Americans, including an Ambassador, lost their lives following the bombing and destruction of Libya by U.S. and NATO forces.  There was also the brutal murder of Gaddafi in the streets which provided Hillary Clinton with a joyful psychopathical laugh:  “We came, we saw, he died”. 

What was finally uncovered in these extensive investigations was that Hillary Clinton had used a private email server (and address) in her home to conduct both private and business related communications for essentially all communications during her time as Secretary of State.  This was analogous to the discovery that Richard Nixon had collected audio tapes of illegal activities in his administration.   The results of that investigation eventually led to threats of impeachment and Nixon’s resignation from the presidency.

The “lost” emails, some of which were deleted after the State Department demanded all work related emails be returned to them has been a primary challenge of both the State Department and finally the FBI.  On the surface this appears to be a blatant Obstruction of Justice.  Many thousands of Clinton emails while she was at the State Department were never turned over and some were said to be deleted.  Many of those suggest that a large numbers of communications were made regarding the Clinton Foundation in addition to those dealing with Libya during that time of disaster.  Clinton clearly lied before Congress during the Benghazi hearings and now the FBI has been asked to investigate the charges that she perjured herself. Unfortunately, which no one understands, the FBI did not question her under oath during their inquiry.

Some of these emails have been made public through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) from suits brought by Judicial Watch.  However, there are still many thousands to be released to the public for viewing.  All of this time, Julian Assange from his exiled position in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK has also been releasing emails regarding both Clinton’s tenure at State and also from the DNC showing they had planned from the beginning to rig and prejudice the upcoming elections in Clinton’s favor against Bernie Sanders. Those were released just before the Democratic Convention and led to some personnel being fired at the DNC, including the Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

Assange has continuously explained that he has thousands of  more emails, cables and other communications relevant to these investigations that have never been seen or released.  In fact, he has suggested that he has seen enough information to clearly indict Clinton, but he is skeptical that AG Lynch will do so because she is operating a corrupt Justice Department on Clinton’s behalf.

When FBI Direcctor James Comey made his public announcement giving the status of their investigation as to whether Clinton violated national security law he gave a damning report but said he could find no evidence of “intent” to violate the law. But many documents were “confidential” or extremely sensitive.  But the legal language only requires “gross negligence’ and Comey said they concluded she was “extremely careless”, as if those are different things.  But Comey gave no indication that he had or intended to examine how the private servor was also used by Clinton to conduct the Clinton Foundation “Pay to Play” scandal (racket) where billions of dollars of weapons were approved for countries who had blatantly violated human rights.  These weapon sales were strongly correlated to  huge millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation.  All kinds of donation increased immensely during Clinton’s tenure at State and their speaking fees mushroomed  also.  Their net work is well over 100 millions dollars now and the Foundation has acquired billions of dollars of “donations.” 

Clinton and the Democrats supporting her maintain that doesn’t “prove” pay to play and they expect us to believe that!  The remaining emails may well contain that information and the circumstantial evidence is already huge.

So my best guess (and hope)  is that Julian Assange will drop the Big Bomb soon.  People are impatient, but Assange has explained what a massive task it is to go through as many as 100,000 emails (with few staff).  He has assured us it will be before the election and even suggested it will start before the debates.  One thing I’ve observed:  Julian Assange doesn’t exaggerate and he has never misled us.  So my bet is with him, not the corrupt politicians who are leading the Democratic Party and the Clinton crime syndicate.  We may soon know the results even before the first presidential debate and it will be hard for even the corporate media to ignore that! The corporate media and the pundiets have shown no indication they even know this is coming.  So the last laugh may come with those of us who support whistle blowers like Julian Assange who are the real heroes of truth tellers!



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