“Fake News”: An Orchestrated Attack by the State and Corporate Fascist Controlled Media on Alternate Media


By Patrice Greanville, Editor, TGP

It had to come, sooner or later, under the present system. For no system deeply grounded in criminality and lies, shielded from citizens retribution and rectification by a huge machinery of disinformation, can take kindly to any form of truth-telling.

The web-borne citizen journalists and opinion makers are now challenging the tight, almost total control the plutocracy has long enjoyed. To set the national agenda, and control the public mind.

Immersed in their hubris, they created the Internet and unleashed a genie they cannot control, but whose power—in the form of “rogue” social media—has begun to demonstrate its ability to confront and destroy “official truth.”

Hence the loud cries now of “Fake News”—news and opinion, that is, that totally contradict and expose the US empire’s book of unchallenged “facts”.  Indicating the global capitalist system is moving toward finding devious ways of rooting out dissent around the world.

Our new section SPOTLIGHT (#7) is dedicated today to this subject. As is a new post carrying the evidence of the establishment’s alarm and reaction, a reaction that should warn us of worse to come. Under EITHER WING OF THE CRIMINAL DUOPOLY.

It’s worth noting that the Democrats, a party of unspeakable treachery (with the Republicans it takes little brains to see through their BS), a formation wounded by the election outcome, are spearheading the attack on a free internet. Which, let’s face it, with the state of absolute disrepair of the corporate media in terms of serving as guides to democratic decision-making, is the only remaining global resource for the dissemination of vital truths.

So read, watch and ponder.  And fasten your seat belts.

I hope I’m not sounding alarmist. But I find this new threat from the establishment something way beyond arguing about who or what is right in terms of the path to follow.  This is about suffocating all free speech across a huge and critical section of the Internet, the one reaching the public in “the West”, the source of the greatest danger to humanity these days.

—Patrice Greanville




November 20, 2016

The Sudden Obsession with “Fake News”


EDITOR’S NOTE:  The almost surreal whining emanating from mainstream presstitutes about the necessity to control and regulate the Internet to stifle opinion or fact contradicting the official version of reality has elicited lucid and powerful commentary.  Diane Gee, as usual, filed one of the most effective rebuttals of this highhanded attempt at putting out one of the last and most potent depositories of truth,  even if the seekers need patience and a flexible mind to locate it.


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